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Wardrobe Confessional

Wearing a uniform is iconic, a cheap and easy way to feel famous.—Alice Gregory

After slipping out of the 2in1 fitted top that I wore the day before (and slept in—don’t judge, it’s comfy!), each morning I reach for another 2in1 fitted top from my second drawer. I must have eight or so of these tops and I wear one at least 300 days of the year.

My pants of choice are the capri leggings. Again, I must have eight or so of these bottoms.

I wear this basic outfit to ballet, to walk the dogs, to the Kennedy Center, to the office, to Paris cafes (see above photo), and everywhere in between.

You may wonder, “The Kennedy Center, really?!” Yes, really! Here’s a peek at many ways to layer the two pieces for 18 looks. Dresses up or down. Comfy, chic, easy peasy.

During cooler months I’m able to pull this combo off more easily by wearing tall boots over the capris and layering with a long sleeve wrap tunic or duster. And, yes, I sleep in the capris, too, during winter. What can I say, I LOVE layers!

During warmer months, I’ll pair the combo with ballet flats, clogs, or motorcycle boots (see above photo). To incorporate the leggings into the office during summertime, I’ll add a flowy top over the 2in1 fitted plus a few accessories to dress it up.

For me, having a uniform means I no longer experience the “I have nothing to wear” syndrome, reduces decision making fatigue, avoid buying frivolously, feel put together, have more time, and have a simple signature look.

Who said daily dress-up had to be hard? And, I even have built in pajamas! Bisous. x

You’re Invited: NYC Meetup

Late August I’ll be hopping on an early morning bus bound for New York City with a tote bag, notebook, and pens. Last year I signed up for Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan Master Class and the time has come to spend three days immersed in learning!

On Sunday, August 26 I’ll host a casual meetup at a Midtown hotel, The Mansfield, in their M Bar. I LOVE the literary theme and old world glam style, so I thought this would be a magical place for connecting.

It’s described on their site as . . . “The M Bar is one of the most quintessential bars in midtown NYC. The beautiful venue is known for its classic cocktails and live music, featuring a domed skylight, mahogany bookshelves, Beaux Arts lighting, and comfortable lounge seating, creating an intimate and elegant atmosphere reminiscent of days gone by.”

If you’re able to join, please RSVP because, yes, there will be goody bags. I can’t wait to see you! Bisous. x

P.S. This is a free event. I’ll provide light vegan hors d’oeuvres. If you’d like a drink, you can purchase one (or two) at the bar.


When: Sunday, August 26 at 7:30pm

Where: The Mansfield Hotel at 12 West 44th Street

Why: Because it’s fun to connect in person



Tranquility du Jour #427: Bookwifery

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Christianne worked in publishing and editorial for nearly twenty years and as a spiritual director for nearly ten and says it is her great delight to have merged those two vocations into the work she does at Bookwifery. She is active on Instagram (her favorite social platform) and lives in Winter Park, Florida, with her husband, Kirk, and their two cats, Aslan and Lucy.

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