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Pugs & Pints THIS Sunday

Join us SUNDAY at The Brig for our second annual Pugs & Pints!

Bring your pug (and pug-loving pups) to celebrate the season. Costumes are welcome. We’ll be joined by the Humane Rescue Alliance who will have adorable dogs (& cats) available for adoption.

General Admission: $29 includes is a beer, vegan nibbles, goodies for your pup, and a contribution to Homeward Bound Pug Rescue and a pig sanctuary.

VIP: $49 includes all the above AND a Pigs & Pugs Project reusable tote filled with veg-friendly human and canine goodies PLUS a professional digital portrait of you and your four-legged friend.

There in Spirit: donation of your choice. Support our micro-grants and mission to make the lives of pigs and pugs happier.

Share Your Work + Support Animals

Interested in supporting Pigs & Pugs Project’s mission to make the lives of pigs and pugs happier? Consider sponsoring our upcoming event Pugs & Pints on Sunday, October 27. Pigs & Pugs Project supports the work of pig sanctuaries and pug rescue organizations throughout the U.S. with micro-grants and raises awareness through special events.

Sponsorship includes acknowledgement on our website and across our social channels, plus recognition at the event. Sponsorships are $200 OR 25 in-kind donations of a veg-friendly branded (or edible!) item for pups or humans in the VIP tote bags.

Share your work with like-hearted animal lovers while making a difference for pigs and pugs.

Reach out for more details.


Wednesday night we packed up the pups and drove seven hours to Tim’s parents in upstate New York.  Our little ones are staying at camp grandparents for the next few weeks while we’re hosting the Italy retreat. I already miss Gizmo like crazy and it’s only been 26 hours since we left his parents’ house (but who’s counting?)!

To add to the holiday adventure, we headed to Farm Sanctuary on Thursday to celebrate FREEDOM for all beings at their annual Pignic. Pigs LOVE belly rubs, so I’m always happy to oblige. They’ll roll over and extend their legs, eager for more. However, in the last photo I’d just realized that I’d been rubbing more than just nipples on this guy. Oops!

Interested in hosting your own Pignic? Here’s a how-to complete with recipes and more from Farm Sanctuary. May all beings be happy and free AND I hope your 4th was filled with festivities. Bisous. x