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From Puppy Mill to Paris

A puppy mill surrendered Belle Starr to Homeward Bound Pug Rescue in 2015. Her last litter struggled so her baby- and money-making days were up.

The metal chain around her neck identified her as a number. That’s who she was to them. A number.

When placed in a foster home, Belle trembled. She wouldn’t come out of her cage and didn’t trust humans. Karlie and Phil, the same patient fosters who cared for Mookie, taught her to be a dog. She would no longer be a machine. Here’s a Rolling Stone piece on what happens to dogs after a puppy mill.

I watched her transformation over many months via their Instagram accounts. Then I began pressuring Tim to just meet her. I had a feeling about Belle. Tim agreed to fly back to Oklahoma to meet her and it was the one-year anniversary of adopting Mookie, so we made it an event.

After landing at OKC airport, we headed straight to meet Belle with Mom, Dad, and Mookie in tow. She hid behind her foster as we all sat on the floor trying to make her comfortable. Phil kept pulling her out from behind him and told us, “You have to make her love you.” No pressure.

She shook the whole way home on Tim’s lap. Now she won’t leave Tim’s side.

Upon arrival to DC, Belle lost most of her teeth during her long overdue dental. She still doesn’t understand toys or the idea of play, yet she settled somewhat seamlessly into city living.

Next week we fly to Paris to lead Penning in Paris and Belle Starr will be joining us again. She’s the perfect traveler. The photos below show snippets of our adventure over the holidays. She’s come so far—from puppy mill to Paris—and we couldn’t be prouder to be along for the ride. Bisous. x

Giveaway: Best Friends Care Package

We’re fresh back from our time in the desert at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and I picked up a few goodies for YOU:

1) Save Them All tank size M

2) Mint lip balm with sunscreen

3) Handmade cherry almond soap

To enter this Best Friends care package giveaway, answer the three questions below in the comments section, on Facebook, and/or email me by 11:59pm ET on Friday, June 29.

1) What would you like to see more of at Tranquility du Jour?

2) What’s been your favorite feature of the past year at Tranquility du Jour?

3) What would you like created to help support you in finding more tranquility in every day?

The winner will be chosen at random and announced below on my birthday, June 30. Insert confetti toss. Hello, 45!

Thank you for being an integral part of spreading and living tranquility.

I look forward to hearing from you AND shipping out one lucky winner’s care package. Bisous. x

A Peek at Yoga + the Animals

On Saturday  hosted our third annual Yoga + the Animals event at Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary. Below are photos from this year and previous years at the sanctuary.

The gathering began with vegan treats and iced peppermint tea, followed by a one-hour yoga practice led by me on the grass under a big oak tree.

After enjoying an all-level flow, participants started the one-hour tour to meet Jack the 43-year-old donkey, Gretta the noisy goose, Mabel the pretty pink pig (my favorite), and more.

Next we headed to the pool house to enjoy a homemade vegan couscous salad, freshly-cut fruit infused with mint, hummus and pita, and vegan cupcakes.

We raised $1600 for Burleigh Manor. This helps cover the care and feeding of one pig (hello, Mabel) and three chickens for an entire year.

We raised $600 for Pigs & Pugs Project. This helps support our microgrant giving to pug rescues and pig sanctuaries.

We hope to see you next year for our fourth annual Yoga + the Animals gathering. Watch for scoop on our fall event, Pints & Pugs, at a local brewery.

Thank you for generosity and support! You make a difference. Bisous. x