Koala Love = Extended Flash Sale

💗🐨👩‍💻 EXTENDED 48 HOURS! A portion of ALL sales will benefit Friends of the Koala and support our tenet of spreading compassion. After all, it IS the new black. I've bundled all SIX TDJ e-courses from my past DECADE of work for only $99 ($334 value) through *midnight Tuesday, January 7*. After that, they'll be

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Love to Australia

I'm sure you, too, have been horrified by the images coming out of the bushfires in Australia. My heart hurts with each new photo I come across and the statistics are shocking. Half a BILLION wild animals (including 1/3 of the koala population!!) and more than 20 people have died. Heart. breaking. The good news

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How to Eat More Plants

Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. —Michael Pollan We're rounding the corner into the holidays followed by new year's intention setting. This often comes with eating too much pumpkin pie (guilty as charged) and a resolution to do better in the new year. To help with this dilemma, I wanted to share a few

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