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Helllooooo November

Welcome to a brand new month! I always love a fresh start, don’t you?

Over the weekend, I encourage you to pull out your journal, sketchbook, planner, Year of Tranquility, or Daybook to reflect and dream.

Consider . . . 1. What did you experience, accomplish, start, or ponder in October? 2. What would you like to experience, accomplish, start, or ponder in November?

Using ephemera (bits of paper), washi tape, a Sharpie, and your preferred book, put those November dreams on paper.

We have two months left in 2019 which is 1/6 of the year! There’s still plenty of time to review your year’s dreams and keep (or start) making progress toward what matters most. It’s one foot in front of the other, one tiny step at a time.

While reviewing my October dreams, I was only able to check three of my nine boxes. Some of the unchecked boxes involve other people (ex. new website), one goal I didn’t meet (ex. sell 50 tickets to Pugs & Pints), one I simply didn’t do (ex. donate five bags of stuff and two Tea with Kimberly videos—although I DO have a 20-minute Tea with K coming next week), and one is happening on Monday (open Provence retreat registration).

Rather than beating myself up (it IS a specialty), I’ll take the unchecked items into November, mark through what didn’t happen and was specific to October, and consider ways to get back on track (ex. set the Tea with K video ideas and schedule the recording).

Voilà, this process allows me to start the new month with reflection and intention setting PLUS a little celebration of what DID happen. Whew! You’ve got this and welcome to November, ladies! Bisous. x

Life Lately


What I’m reading

What I’m excited about

  • New website. Can’t wait to share it!
  • Provence retreat (opens November 4).
  • Travel over the next two months: Oklahoma, Charleston, Paris, NYC, West Virginia.
  • Attending Puggerfest in Oklahoma City tomorrow.
  • Pugs & Pints on Sunday.
  • Making upcycled dog toys from TranquiliT scraps. (see last photo)

What I’m struggling with

  • Decluttering: home, schedule, and offerings.
  • Pug health issues.
  • Making time to write and create.

What I’m working on

What I’m wearing

  • Back to my uniform: capri leggings + 2in1 fitted top. Topped with a TranquiliT layer and tall boots.
  • Long leopard-print wrap dress my seamstress made that I wear over my TranquiliT. Note my black fleece perfect pants peeking out.

What I’m loving

  • Plants. Long, hanging ones.
  • Fleece TranquiliT pants and LOTS of layers.
  • Sitting fireside.
  • The moon’s phases.
  • Lilies, lots of lilies.

What I’m eating

  • Green smoothies (Gizmo, too! See above photo).
  • Weekly box from Purple Carrot.
  • Too much pizza.

What I’m grateful for