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Tranquilosophy: Birthdays


The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and they day you find out why. —Mark Twain

On Sunday I turned 46 and, in between migraines, basked in the generous receipt of well wishes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This year’s birthday came at the perfect time—after June’s numerous in-person and online events and before Italy retreat time. Most of the week’s meals included vegan strawberry cupcakes and cake (how-to here). On Friday, I sipped tea with a friend and hosted the Tranquility du Jour Daybook Virtual Launch Fête. Saturday I took my first beginner ballet 2 class and indulged in brunch at Ladurée with a girlfriend. On my birthday, I took a yoga class at Tranquil Space/YogaWorks, nursed two migraines, and savored dinner at DC’s go-to fancy vegan spot, Fancy Radish.

Birthdays beckon reflection. Since mine falls mid-year, it serves as a useful tune up. What’s working? What needs attention? What experiences have I had since my 2018 birthday? What experiences do I hope to have by my 2020 birthday?

When I reviewed my 2019 wishes, I noted half of my intentions had manifested. A few included: Year of Tranquility conversion into a book, three healthy pugs and kitty, finish Journal Therapy certificate, thriving private practice, and meaningful retreats.

Here’s a sampling of uncompleted ones: published articles (never submitted), thriving garden (not enough sun for veggies, focusing on flowers), finish veterinary social work program (pushed back completion to early 2020 to align with their scheduled summit), and 25% less stuff (need to schedule more declutter days).

While it’s easy to get frustrated on what didn’t happen, I find it more useful to note what isn’t on the list and did happen such as TDJ Soiree, a mini ballet performance, and the new Daybook. Reviewing the 2019 wishes serves as a reminder to submit articles, declutter, and nurture what is feasible in my garden.

It’s also a good reminder of progress, not perfection. Over the course of a year, our priorities shift and, similar to a snake shedding its skin, we, too, must release what we outgrow to make space for what’s to come.

During Summer TDJ Live, we contemplated our summer wish list, how our word/theme of the year had unfolded, and what we wanted the rest of the year to look and feel like. To me, this is an ongoing process—seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily.

In the words of Mary Oliver, “Listen—are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?” I believe that reflection followed by action helps ensure we’re doing so much more.

Although I may not yet know my full why (see above quote), these moments of reflection help get me that much closer to clarity. And birthdays help! Bisous. x

Vegan cupcakes, birthdays + daybooks, oh my!

Sunday I turn 46. It doesn’t seem like a new number, I’ve been incorrectly saying I was 46 for months.

After 30, I’ve found hard to remember my age and often do math. Okay, born in 73, it’s 2019 . . . oh, yes, 46! Anyone else have this issue?!

On this week’s upcoming edition of Tea with Kimberly, I’ll be sharing a trick to make vegan cupcakes from your average boxed cake mix, plus my go-to birthday ritual (which is perfect for EVERYONE mid-year).

A gentle reminder that TOMORROW is our Tranquility du Jour Daybook Virtual Launch Fête. Since the Daybook is dateless, you can start it at anytime (mine’s set to start in 2020). If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, there’s still time to do so and join us: visit and fill out this

Here’s to pretty pink planners, cupcakes, and mid-year reflection! Bisous. x

My Ballet Debut

The body says what words cannot. —Martha Graham

I spent last weekend at a Washington Ballet ballet boot camp and even my ribs are hurting. I used muscles that I didn’t even know existed. We stretched, practiced at the barre, and spent two of the eight hours working on the choreography from Act 1 of Don Quixote.

Here’s the 1-minute video Tim took of me flailing around in the pink skirt. Sweet thing arrived early and sat in the front row eager to capture this experience. For months he’s been asking, “When can I see you perform?” I couldn’t wait to have him in the “audience” of a couple dozen people.

As some of you know, I’ve been back to the barre since January 2018 and am slightly obsessed. Here’s another post from earlier this year.

Although I’m still a yoga devotee, I’m loving moving my body in a new way and omg is it challenging to learn and practice choreography at the barre, in the center, for informal showings such as this one.

The top photo shows my first teacher, Mrs. Harding, giving me a heart to heart about my new toe shoes. She sewed our costumes, drove us home from practice in her station wagon, created our annual recital’s storyline and choreography, hosted pool parties, and gave us lots of tough love (as shown here).

And, I’m forever grateful for her instilling in me the love of moving my body across the floor in a pink flowy skirt. Bisous. x