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Happy International Women’s Day {+ Book Launch Fête}

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I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone cross waters to create many ripples. —Mother Teresa

Happy International Women’s Day! Below you’ll find an assortment of links and ideas on celebrating women today (and every day).

TONIGHT from 8-9pm ET, I’ll be hosting a free virtual Year of Tranquility launch fête and, naturally, your presence is desired. If you’ve ordered Year of Tranquility, you’ll find the link over on your private bonuses page. And, if you haven’t picked up your copy yet, there’s still time to join us!

Year of Tranquility is now available in paperback, Kindle, and PDF. Add your order info here and, voilà , you’re immediately swept off to the bonuses page. Bring your book, markers, a sparkly libation, and a celebratory spirit. See you at 8pm ET! RSVP.

Savvy Sources

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Celebratory ideas include

Start a feminist film club, see an exhibition by a female artist, send an encouraging note to a female friend or colleague, read about a feminist icon (hello, Gloria!), host an event, march and join protests, profile women, support women-owned businesses, encourage equality, treat others with kindness, and more.

Wishing you a thoughtful International Women’s Day. I’ll be celebrating with long pug walks, texting friends Happy International Women’s Day love, moving my body in ballet class, conducting a podcast interview, prepping for tonight, reading My Life On the Road while getting my hair done (those roots need love, too), hosting tonight’s event while sipping something sparkling, and then heading out to the woods for two days.

Between you and me, can’t every day be a celebration of women?! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Bisous. x

Live Rosé

Wear noir, live rosé. —my motto

Years ago I came up with the motto to wear black and live pink. It came from my inclination to wear head-to-toe black clothing (hey, everything matches) and to live with a sense of playfulness and panache.

I recently hosted a giveaway on Instagram where I asked people to share how they lived rosé. Answers included ballet, writing Morning Pages, yoga and creativity, wearing pink and vegan homemade herbal lip tint, enjoying the small moments, diffusing essential oils, singing songs from favorite musicals, being compassionate, cuddling with pups, and sipping tea.

Ah, just reading each of these transported me to a happy place! What does living rosé look like to you?

For me, it’s the same thing as seeking tranquility in the every day. This doesn’t mean that I’m tranquil all day (oh no!), it means that I seek pockets of it within a full (read: overstuffed at times) life.

As mentioned in a recent post, French composer Claude Debussy’s said, “Music is the space between the notes,” and I believe tranquility is found in the moments between the doing. That’s how I envision living rosé.

My days begin with caring for our four rescue pets, making morning tea and a green smoothie, diffusing peppermint essential oil, and going on two walks (since the three pups have different paces). Then I’ll settle in for admin work before a soak in the tub and daily dress-up (usually my uniform) followed by ballet three days a week and seeing clients until 8:30 most weekday evenings. Once home, evenings include family time, reading, and reflection. Rinse and repeat.

Weekends start similarly, but instead of seeing clients, I settle in for family time, working on projects (hello, forthcoming Daybook), meetups with friends, watching movies, and doing all that life stuff like laundry and organizing.

Although laundry and walking pups may not sound like living rosé, one can’t always be on retreat, in a yoga class, or out on the perfect date, so infusing those in-between moments with simple pleasures is crucial to our well-being.

Over the next week, consider how you, too, can live rosé by infusing sweet touches into your day. Maybe it’s listening to an inspiring podcast while cleaning the house, being fully present as you wash the dishes and feel the warm soap on your skin, or brewing a pot of loose leaf tea with rose buds versus getting something to go.

May our days (and lives) be sprinkled with rosé! Share below how you plan to live rosé. I think you’re beautiful. Bisous. x

TDJ Soirée Tickets

Seeking space to reflect and dream in a swanky setting? Crave connection with a like-hearted community? Ready for a jumpstart toward living your most tranquility-infused life? TDJ Soirée is for you!

I’m delighted to share that TDJ Soirée General Admission and VIP tickets will go on sale Monday, March 11. Add your name to the guest list.

Picture yourself basking in a day of programming focused on living life with more tranquility, creativity, and style.

The day includes:

  • a TranquiliT pop-up
  • happy hour
  • a luxe goody bag
  • a fancy vegan lunch
  • a self-care and creativity station for nourishment throughout
  • an abundance of kale chips and green juice
  • access to a private Facebook group to connect pre- and post-soirée
  • mingling with lovely ladies (or those who identify as ladies)
  • a live podcast with me and Tim
  • step and repeat photo ops
  • making a difference for pigs and pugs (a portion of all ticket sales benefit Pigs & Pugs Project)
  • inspiration packed modules on the five TDJ Tenets (compassion, creativity, style + beauty, mindfulness, self-care)
  • and more!

Don’t live in DC? No problem, make a weekend of it. Take a bus, train, plane, scooter, or bicycle and join us. I’ll provide an action-packed Saturday itinerary to help you explore my favorite DC spots on your own or join us for Yoga + The Animals!

I hope you’ll be able to join me for this tranquility-infused adventure on Sunday, June 9 from 10-6! Bisous. x