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Wednesday night we packed up the pups and drove seven hours to Tim’s parents in upstate New York.  Our little ones are staying at camp grandparents for the next few weeks while we’re hosting the Italy retreat. I already miss Gizmo like crazy and it’s only been 26 hours since we left his parents’ house (but who’s counting?)!

To add to the holiday adventure, we headed to Farm Sanctuary on Thursday to celebrate FREEDOM for all beings at their annual Pignic. Pigs LOVE belly rubs, so I’m always happy to oblige. They’ll roll over and extend their legs, eager for more. However, in the last photo I’d just realized that I’d been rubbing more than just nipples on this guy. Oops!

Interested in hosting your own Pignic? Here’s a how-to complete with recipes and more from Farm Sanctuary. May all beings be happy and free AND I hope your 4th was filled with festivities. Bisous. x

7-Day VegPledge

Join me (and thousands of others) by taking the 7-day VegPledge April 22-29. I love watching others reap the healthy benefits of eating more plants, saving animals, and helping the environment!

Pigs & Pugs Project is delighted to be a sponsor and to have our upcoming Pigs, Pugs, & Pinot as a featured event of VegWeek.

To help you get started, I have a few resources below. Remember, it’s practice, not perfection. Do what you can and see how it goes. You got this!

Thanks for considering the 7-day VegPledge and here’s to tasty, healthy meat-free meals! Bisous. x

Happy National Pig Day

In honor of National Pig Day, I’m writing to spread the pig love and invite you to Pigs & Pugs Project’s TWO spring events: Pigs, Pugs & Pinot and Yoga + the Animals.

Fun Facts About Pigs

1. Pigs are the fourth most intelligent animal (after chimps, dolphins, and elephants). Yes, even smarter than our dogs!

2. Pigs can run a seven-minute mile.

3. Pigs paint. You know Pigcasso, right?!

4. Pigs are actually quite clean. They use mud to cool off since they don’t have sweat glands (happy as a pig in mud!) and use the bathroom away from their living and eating space.

5. Esther the Wonder Pig lives in a home in Canada, wears adorable outfits, and was thought to be a “mini pig” who now weighs 650 pounds. She’s a social media sensation who has helped make pigs beloved globally.

6. Mini pigs grow to 300 pounds and teacup/micro pigs are a myth. Many are ending up in shelters or abandoned in cities (even DC).

7. You can meet (and adopt) pigs at a variety of sanctuaries around the world.

8. Pigs love belly rubs, are active communicators (grunts and squeals), and form close social bonds.

Please join us in honoring these beautiful beings today and every day! Pigs & Pugs Project’s mission is to make the lives of pigs and pugs happier.

We raises awareness through special events and supports the work of pig sanctuaries and pug rescue organizations throughout the United States through micro grants.

Here’s a peek at our work so far. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events and thank you for your support!