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Tea with Kimberly: Time in Paris

Curious about planning a solo adventure? Wonder how you’d plan your days? Think you’d be scared to leave the hotel due to a poor sense of direction?

I hear you, thank goodness for Google Flights and Google Maps! Solo travel is scary and exhilarating all rolled into one.

In 2009, I headed to Paris solo for the first time and Tim joined a few days later. I shared each day’s adventures on the blog (here’s day 1), along with takeaways.

As soon as I arrived, I crashed and that’s a big no-no. You’re supposed to stay up and force yourself into the new time zone. Because of this faux pas, I never got on Paris time and would wake up each day in the early afternoon. This meant I had only a few hours of daylight and museum or shop time.

Lesson learned. This was pre-Google Map usage abroad, even cell phone usage abroad, so I carried my trusty map everywhere. It definitely wasn’t easy, but I stumbled upon Boulevard Saint-Germain and it became my compass. The street is filled with shops, theaters, and restaurants.

My solo trips are now much smoother thanks to my iPhone, establishing go-tos (like Shakespeare & Co), hitting local markets to stock up on food staples, and knowing enough French phrases to get by. Whew!

Before I left Paris in September, I recorded this video to share my tips while the adventure was still fresh. Get an inside peek into my 2019 Parisian summer adventures (including a haunted house and jazz bars). Learn my go-to tips to create a memorable experience on your own.

Hope this inspires you to consider a solo trip to a setting that nourishes your spirit the way Paris does for me. Bisous. x

Resources mentioned:

  1. Airbnb
  2. Airbnb Paris sketching experience
  3. Jazz: I spent six hours mesmerized by live jazz at 38Riv. Also loved Le Caveau de la Huchette and D’Aubusson hotel conveniently located near Shakespeare and Company.
  4. Wild & the Moon
  5. Here are an assortment of my Parisian favorites.

As Seen on TV: Top AM Tips

Last week I stopped by WUSA9 to share a few tips on ways to start the day.

My segment was slated for 9:10am, but when I arrived they shared that everything was on hold to live televise the impeachment inquiry. That meant we’d be taping instead. No problem, taping always feels like less pressure anyway and my hair curlin’ wouldn’t go to waste.

The segment aired Wednesday and here it is! Loved being with these ladies. Such fun energy first thing in the morning! x

NEW: Tea with K on Tranquil Starts

Ever have those mornings where nothing goes seems to go smoothly?

You know, when the top you want to wear is in the hamper, you’re out of spinach for a green smoothie, and your dog barks incessantly for no good reason. Oh, and you can’t find your keys!

Relate? I thought you might!

That’s why I created the latest Tea with Kimberly video. Learn my top three tips to have a more tranquil start to your day. Think input versus output, planning ahead, leaving extra time and space for the inevitable derail, and sticking to a morning routine.

What are your go-tos for ensuring a more tranquil start to the day? Bisous. x