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Tea with Kimberly: Time in Paris

Curious about planning a solo adventure? Wonder how you'd plan your days? Think you'd be scared to leave the hotel due to a poor sense of direction? I hear you, thank goodness for Google Flights and Google Maps! Solo travel is scary and exhilarating all rolled into one. In 2009, I headed to Paris solo

Tea with Kimberly: Time in Paris2019-11-06T09:53:50-05:00

As Seen on TV: Top AM Tips

Last week I stopped by WUSA9 to share a few tips on ways to start the day. My segment was slated for 9:10am, but when I arrived they shared that everything was on hold to live televise the impeachment inquiry. That meant we'd be taping instead. No problem, taping always feels like less pressure anyway

As Seen on TV: Top AM Tips2019-10-04T10:06:53-04:00

NEW: Tea with K on Tranquil Starts

Ever have those mornings where nothing goes seems to go smoothly? You know, when the top you want to wear is in the hamper, you're out of spinach for a green smoothie, and your dog barks incessantly for no good reason. Oh, and you can't find your keys! Relate? I thought you might! That's why

NEW: Tea with K on Tranquil Starts2019-10-01T09:49:37-04:00