Home Practice Essentials

If you're doing a lot of online classes these days, you may wonder how to set your space up for optimal tranquility. I have a few tips, especially for those of you in tight quarters. Create a sacred setting with a few favorite things, similar to what I recommend for TDJ Live events and virtual

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TDJ Brunch Registration + Resources

Enjoy a light-hearted gathering over a virtual cuppa tea on Saturday, July 11 from noon-1pm ET. Learn tips for finding doses of tranquility in the every day and ideas on expressing your signature style (yes, even if you WFH). For the style section, I'll be joined by a few special guests! Registration: Closed; live event

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Personal Style

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. —Rachel Zoe In preparation for Saturday's TDJ Virtual Brunch with a Side of TranquiliT, I'll be sharing tips related to the Style Tenet. This week's podcast ties into that topic, too, if we consider how our personal brand is the sum of

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