Daily Dress-Up Made Easy

Over the next two weeks we're exploring the eight daily Tranquility Tools on Facebook and Instagram, so I wanted to give insight into the second one, daily dress-up. This Washington Post article came out at the start of quarantine and describes how our clothes tell a story. Robin Givhan writes, "Fashion is a form of

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Face Masks by Mama Wilson

Considering the updated recommendation from the CDC to wear face masks in public, I asked Mom to make me a leopard-print one (shown in photo). She's also making damask ones and each comes with a muslin backing (shown below). We're offering these on TranquiliT in case you're interested in a double-layered, one-of-a-kind face mask that

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Your Vote Matters/Giveaway

Happy rainy Thursday from DC! Thanks SO much for all of your input on the writing project I'm working on. Your emails and comments have meant SO much as your opinion means the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. In other news, I've alluded to some changes coming down the pike with my locally-sewn,

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