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Guest Post: A Peek Inside My 17-Day Trip Carry-On

A few years ago, I slowly started adopting a capsule wardrobe thanks to the fabulous TranquiliT line. My husband and I travel a lot and, truth be told, I craved a simpler way to pack for travel more so than simplicity in my everyday life. Fast forward to the present day and I have simplicity in the every day as well as when I travel.

My items from TranquiliT really set me up to travel carry on only for all of our trips – from long weekend jaunts in the United States to nearly three weeks abroad! My uniform of capri leggings, a boyfriend tank or two-in-one and long sleeve wrap tunic really serve as a base for my capsule wardrobe. I’m really loving the new, versatile vest for cooler months. So, I suppose, I have two uniforms – one for cooler temperatures and one for warmer temperatures.

This summer my husband and I are going to Rome and South Africa for a 17 day vacation. It will be summer in Rome and winter in South Africa. Our time in South Africa will consist of a safari and time in the city of Cape Town. So layers and versatility will be key. My friends have often joked that I’m Mary Poppins but I assure you there is no magic – just TranquiliT. I share my packing list below and here’s a video, too!

Packed Clothing (tightly rolling your clothing items will allow you to fit more in your suitcase):

Boyfriend tank

Long Sleeve Wrap Tunic

Boyfriend Cardigan

2-in-1 Flare

2-in-1 Gloria

Capri leggings

Sleeveless Wrap Dress

2 colored tank tops

2 t-shirts

Lululemon windbreaker pants for safari

Cuddleduds for layering under pants on safari


3 pairs of shorts

Sun hat

Swim suit

Nightgown (I will wash this in our hotel sink so I only have to pack one)

Bras, socks, undies (I will wash these in our hotel sink so I can pack less of them)

One pair of flat, black shoes

One pair of sandals

Kimberly has put together this great guide on how to pair the capri leggings and 2-in-1 fitted top. Since the versatile vest came out, I’ve been wearing it in place of my long sleeve wrap tunic as we enter the warmer months in North America.

Toiletries/Other Necessities (These will go in the front pouch of my carry-on backpack):

Makeup (keep it simple: foundation, powder, bronzer, one eye liner, one eye shadow, mascara, two lipsticks)

Coconut oil for removing makeup/washing face

Travel size hair gel

Travel size shampoo and conditioner

Hair brush


What I will wear on the plane (I always wear my bulkiest layers on the plane. They can easily be shed once you are seated and help with temperature control as you travel to different areas of the world):

Capri leggings

Boyfriend tank

Versatile Vest

Jacket for time in South Africa

Sweatshirt, tied around my waist, for time in South Africa


Happy packing and traveling! I hope you love your TranquiliT and much as I do.



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Sending Love to Paris

While on a call yesterday, my phone blew up with buzz, buzz, buzz. As we were saying goodbye, I looked down at my text messages and my heart sank. Notre Dame was on fire!?

I pulled up CNN and, along with much of the world, watched in horror as the flames overtook the roof and the spire tumbled.

Today, the four-year anniversary of losing Louis, has been filled with heaviness and melancholy. The damage to this architectural wonder also hurts. We all know how we become attached to our companion animals (hint: because they’re amazing). Yet, how do we become so attached to a place? This New York Times article sheds some light.

Loss and change remind us to savor. Those pug snores, the touristy shot, warm air on the skin, and the laugh of a loved one. Everything is impermanent. Sending love to Paris and you today. Bisous. x

Colorado Connections

The alarm went off at 5am Friday. I hopped into the shower, put on my uniform, kissed Tim and the pups goodbye, and called a Lyft to take me to the airport for a 7am flight to Denver. I was off to see Isabella (second to last pic above), a friend from Oklahoma who I’ve known over 30 years, for a girls’ weekend adventure.

My first stop was Tattered Cover bookstore (of course). A few hours later, she picked me up and our journey began. For three days we sipped matcha lattes, stayed up late chatting and reading fireside at our adorable AirBnB, explored Summit County (my home 23 years ago post-college), dipped into Indian Hot Springs, enjoyed live music at Little Bear Saloon, reminisced and dreamed.

Before heading back to DC, I met up with Lisa (last photo) who was one of the first and beloved Tranquil Space teachers before moving out west in 2006. We realized it’s been nearly a decade since we last saw one another and, similar to Isabella, it felt so good to pick up where we’d left off. She’s recently launched L’eela, a CBD-infused skincare line. Listen for her story in an upcoming podcast and TDJ Soiree attendees will get to enjoy samples in their luxe goody bags.

Tim and the pups picked me up at the airport late Monday night and we headed to the Tidal Basin area to see the cherry blossoms. As always, it feels good to be home and, yet, my head is still spinning from the nostalgic whirlwind tour out west.

The DKNY outlet in Silverthorne where I worked has closed. My former second-floor studio apartment that sits adjacent to I 70 now has a new inhabitant. The Gold Pan Saloon in Breckenridge where I spent many weekends dancing into the wee hours to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” still reeks of alcohol. I spent time with two dear souls who meant so much to me over the years and then, poof, we’re back to our own realities. Isn’t life funny that way? Grateful for the memories and moments. Bisous. x