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In two months . . .

After arriving to downtown Washington, DC  via plane, train, Lyft, bike, car, or on foot on a quiet Sunday morning, picture yourself walking into Elizabeth’s (named #6 best vegan-friendly dining around the world), an exquisitely-furnished townhouse built in 1880 filled with chandeliers, flowers, and love. You’re warmly welcomed and given a goody bag filled with luxe treats.

Feeling excited about the day, you head upstairs to grab your spot and set down your personal items at the white tablecloth seating. Spotting the early morning nourishment, you savor green juice and a vegan almond ricotta beignet with ginger-orange marmalade while mingling with like-hearted guests before our programming begins.

The TranquiliT pop-up will be open to add any necessary locally-sewn, eco-friendly staples to your wardrobe. Our local seamstress will be available for tailoring while long-time TranquiliT aficionados will help you choose pieces that fit your lifestyle.

I’ll kick off the day at 10:30am with intention setting, a recap of the agenda, and the story about why I created this first daylong experience in over a decade. Then we’ll journal, explore our dreams, engage in a meditation, learn ways to deepen self-care, shed limiting self-beliefs, and contemplate what brings us meaning before lunch.

This high-rated resto is known for its tasty and artsy vegan food (even among non-vegans). Imagine noshing on roasted garlic gnocchi with vodka flamed cherry tomatoes, cold smoked spring asparagus confit with toasted pecans, cold pressed heirloom beets with pistachios, spicy kale chips, and more! You’ll feel satiated, light, and energized.

And, yes, of course, there’s dessert: strawberry and beet sorbet with fennel foam.

Following lunch, we’ll return to inspiring programming that includes everyday activism, art journaling, incorporating creativity into daily life, and showcasing your signature style. The style portion will even include a mini fashion show to bring the concepts to life.

Before we launch into happy hour, Tim and I will record a live podcast with you as the studio audience. We did these during each stop of the 2013 Tranquility Tour and it’s a lively way to wrap up our day.

The event will culminate with small bites such as beet tartare, smoked parsnip soup sip, tomato sashimi, and organic red and white wine. Feeling refreshed with an action plan, happy belly, and open heart, you’ll hug me and newfound friends goodbye before heading to the airport or walking home.

This immersive day will provide a gentle mid-year nudge of support and inspiration to create and live a life you love. Filled with new material and oldie but goodie staples, this is the first full-day Tranquility du Jour experience I’ve offered.

We’ve sold through half the tickets and it wouldn’t be the same without you. Learn more and secure your spot here. I can’t wait to celebrate our community and YOU in two months! Bisous. x

Colorado Connections

The alarm went off at 5am Friday. I hopped into the shower, put on my uniform, kissed Tim and the pups goodbye, and called a Lyft to take me to the airport for a 7am flight to Denver. I was off to see Isabella (second to last pic above), a friend from Oklahoma who I’ve known over 30 years, for a girls’ weekend adventure.

My first stop was Tattered Cover bookstore (of course). A few hours later, she picked me up and our journey began. For three days we sipped matcha lattes, stayed up late chatting and reading fireside at our adorable AirBnB, explored Summit County (my home 23 years ago post-college), dipped into Indian Hot Springs, enjoyed live music at Little Bear Saloon, reminisced and dreamed.

Before heading back to DC, I met up with Lisa (last photo) who was one of the first and beloved Tranquil Space teachers before moving out west in 2006. We realized it’s been nearly a decade since we last saw one another and, similar to Isabella, it felt so good to pick up where we’d left off. She’s recently launched L’eela, a CBD-infused skincare line. Listen for her story in an upcoming podcast and TDJ Soiree attendees will get to enjoy samples in their luxe goody bags.

Tim and the pups picked me up at the airport late Monday night and we headed to the Tidal Basin area to see the cherry blossoms. As always, it feels good to be home and, yet, my head is still spinning from the nostalgic whirlwind tour out west.

The DKNY outlet in Silverthorne where I worked has closed. My former second-floor studio apartment that sits adjacent to I 70 now has a new inhabitant. The Gold Pan Saloon in Breckenridge where I spent many weekends dancing into the wee hours to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” still reeks of alcohol. I spent time with two dear souls who meant so much to me over the years and then, poof, we’re back to our own realities. Isn’t life funny that way? Grateful for the memories and moments. Bisous. x

Happy Spring!

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. —Rilke

Happy first day of spring! Although it’s still fairly chilly in DC, warmer temperatures and peak cherry blossoms are on the horizon.

s we leave the heaviness of winter’s hibernation, I like to review its lessons, highlights, and challenges. Next, I pen a spring wish list into Year of Tranquility and have 35 ideas listed below.

  1. Picnic in the park
  2. Plan a hike and meditate outdoors
  3. Dine al fresco
  4. Wear open-toed shoes
  5. Place yellow daffodils on your bedside table
  6. Spring clean your closets, pantry, and beauty products
  7. Take in the many blooming trees, especially DC’s cherry blossoms
  8. Repot any overgrown plants
  9. Visit an animal sanctuary (Join us on June 8)
  10. Plant impatiens and sweet potato vine in your garden
  11. Pick up succulent fruit at the farmers’ market
  12. Go berry picking
  13. Join us for the TDJ Soirée: A Tranquility Masterclass experience
  14. Visit a winery and sip into the afternoon
  15. Snap photos of blooming trees and flowers
  16. Savor the sunshine on your skin (hello, vitamin D)
  17. Add pops of colorful tulips to your desk
  18. Go camping
  19. Cultivate a garden (windowsills count)
  20. Go on an evening walk tonight and notice the full moon
  21. Line dry your clothes
  22. Hit the beach before the crowds arrive
  23. Plan a spring break trip
  24. Ride a bike
  25. Visit a botanical garden
  26. Create a capsule wardrobe
  27. Set out a bird feeder
  28. Grow fresh mint for your tea
  29. Pack up your heavy winter gear
  30. Practice yoga outside
  31. Host a mini cocktail party
  32. Fill out the Seasonal Life Review in your copy of Year of Tranquility
  33. Take a digital detox for a day or even a weekend
  34. Sign up for a class that pushes your comfort zone—dance, art, yoga, writing
  35. Tune in on Sunday for TDJ Live

What are your favorite spring activities? May your transition into spring be nourishing. Bisous. x