Creative Play

After finishing White Fragility on Saturday (SO good, join the discussion over on Facebook), I started Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis. It popped up on BookBub—a tricky site that offers select Kindle books for a song. This has led to many, many impulse book buys! Since creativity is SUCH a big part of TDJ, I

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Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. —Maya Angelou As I chanted George Floyd's name in front of the White House tonight, everything hurt. Especially my heart. Inside I feel a blend of deep sadness coupled with outrage. I'm using this time to listen, read, and


Mental Health During Quarantine

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it couldn't be coming at a better time. We need to shine the light on our emotional health. When the world feels like it's spinning or those emotions are whirling, dig into those grounding practices that have helped over the years. Think meditation, journaling, gardening, exercise, walking, yoga,

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