The dateless 3.0 version is 8.5 x 8.5 and filled with photography of Paris and simple pleasures, plus stuffed with tranquility tips. This Daybook was designed to complement the Tranquility du Jour Anthology released the same year.

Stay in touch with your week’s most important tasks and your life’s most important dreams. It’s a lifestyle organizer where you’ll find inspiration to live tranquilly and intentionally.

Use while sipping tea, juggling life’s demands, and dreaming big.

3.0 Edition Features

  • daily checklists
  • weekly checklists
  • monthly checklists
  • 8 defined Tranquility Tools for daily, weekly, and monthly well-being
  • 4 Wheels of Life to review seasonally
  • 60 dateless weekly planner spreads with space for appointments, projects, and to-dos
  • 12 dateless monthly layouts with accompanying page to collage and pen month’s dreams
  • inspiring quotes
  • Savvy Sources
  • open pages to collage, pen dreams, and muse
  • Tranquility du Jour manifesto
  • tranquility tips on each weekly layout
  • gratitude list spread
  • a tranquility thoughts spread for mindful check-in, seasonal reflection, and for takeaway capturing
  • kale chips and green juice recipes
  • a year’s dream and year’s review spread
  • blank inspiration pages to paint, dream, doodle, etc.

$19, available via instant download. Formatted square 8.5 x8.5 inches.