Hello love! Monthly I do a review of the month and also create my next month’s dreams. This reflection exercise allows me to stay accountable, review goals, celebrate, and note what needs adjustment. I duplicate this process in my Daybook, too, since I’m a paper lover! You’ll also find an assortment of photos from the month plus Savvy Sources I thought you may enjoy. Bisous. x

November in Review

Fun wrap-up of TDJ Lifestyle ecourse [DONE] Read 2-3 books including TDJ book club pick [DONE] Eat plants daily [ALMOST] Fill in ballet journal after classes [ONLY A FEW TIMES] Daily ballet (I’m obsessed!) [20ISH CLASSES] Finalize vet social work 250-hour project plans [IN PROGRESS] Release 5 podcasts and love notes [DONE] Get ahead on content creation [DONE] Design a new TDJ postcard [DONE] Collaborate with clients [DONE] Ponder 2021 offering [IN PROGRESS] Celebrate Biden’s win [YESSSSSS] Create dress-up ideas using TDJ clothing [IN PROGRESS] Host helpful virtual pet loss support group on 11/9 (join us!) [DONE]

November Highlights

Morning bike ride through Georgetown
Plant-based Thanksgiving with Tim and pups (photo above)
Socially distanced outside tea dates
Made appointments with potential surgeons (hip issue)
Did most of my holiday shopping (and gave many gifts early—get too excited)
Evenings sitting fireside with Tim and pups
Read six books (playing Goodreads reading challenge catch up)
Biden winning (stayed up past midnight not wanting the day to end)
Finalized the new “why noir” webpage
Choosing Christmas tree at the tree farm
Receiving the most beautiful pink flowers
Yellow leaves everywhere
Discovering my new favorite salad: arugula, blueberries, heirloom tomatoes, walnuts, balsamic vinegarette

December Wish List

Release four podcasts and send five Love Notes
Savor a week off between Christmas and New Years
Savor socially distanced tea at Hillwood
Submit vet social work 250-hour project plans
Eat plants daily
Clean up overflowing inbox
Share 2021 offering
Consult with two surgeons; set possible date
Read four books
Complete two ecourses
Smooth TDJ photo shoots
Collaborate with clients
Create dress-up ideas using TDJ clothing

Savvy Sources

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