Week in Review

Survived two barre classes
Hosted Tranquil Space Foundation board meeting
Hosted two mentoring sessions
Savored tea with a girlfriend
Released Week 6 of 52 Weeks of Tranquility
Had two-hour meeting with social work supervisor
Taught two yoga classes
Took one yoga class
Worked with 14 therapy clients
Had own therapy
Underwent drug test for hospice volunteering
Called Pops on his birthday
Finalized logo and tees, began pre-sale
Rode new wheels around DC approximately 8 miles
Hosted a 24-hour flash sale
Packed for weekend trip to Florida
Road trip to Florida
Consumed lots of road trip food {need a detox}
Was introduced to South of the Border {oh my!}
Played fetch on the white sand beach with Le Pug
Biked with Le Pug around Hanna Park
Took Le Pug on Old Savannah Trolley Tour {top pic}
Took Le Pug’s pic at Georgia Peach World
Enjoyed Valentine’s dinner with my boys
Shared Be Your Own Valentine post
Road trip back toward DC, staying in Fayetteville, NC tonight

Weekend Wish List

Take Le Pug to the beach and make him feel super duper special. Check!

Et toi? Hope you had a very special holiday weekend! Bisous. x