Seeking Your Insight

Dearest Reader:

Last night while I was working on the new project I hope to announce later this month, I realized I should ask YOU what you most needed. Sure, I know what I would find helpful (which is what has led me to create every business, e-course, or product to date), but what would be most helpful to YOU?

After having to take some time off from Tranquility du Jour to get through the sale of my baby Tranquil Space and to refill the creative well, I feel a strong desire to create something special for you in 2018. An offering that takes the idea of tranquility in every day further, brings it to life in tangible ways, and deepens our community.

What would you most like to learn? Mindfulness. Style. Entrepreneurship. Creativity. Transition. Beauty. Decor. Wellness. Self-care. Animals. Giving back. Yoga. Writing. Bringing dreams to life. Vision boards. Reading.

Would you like this in the form of an ongoing offering? An e-course? A book? A live in-person or online event? Something else?

Please share how I can best serve you by leaving a comment below or sending an email. Thank you in advance for your input and collaboration on bringing forth a useful, beautiful, inspiring offering for 2018! Bisous. x


  1. Kimberly Wilson says:

    Ladies, WOW, thank you SO much for your incredibly thoughtful feedback! It’s such good fodder to chew on and it’s almost like some of you were reading my mind. I hope to announce the project within the next week or two! Thanks again for your input! xo

  2. Christine says:

    Hi Kimberly!

    I love this collaborative process and reading everyone’s input!

    For me, Mindfulness, Creativity, Transition, Wellness, Self-care, Animals, Giving back, Yoga, Writing, Bringing dreams to life, Vision boards and Reading are the areas of most interest. I am always seeking ways to slow down and focus more on the areas of my life that are most important.

    Personally I have always enjoyed the virtual retreats and Facebook live events. I think it reaches the largest number of people in a way that allows people to tap into the information when they need it. Some people can participate while it is happening or can rewatch it during a time when they may need a reminder of what tools are helpful. I also like having that feeling of community even when I am not able to physically be present at an event.

    And, keep the podcasts coming, they are always full of wonderful topics and guests! Look forward to them and am never disappointed!

    Thank you for all you do!


  3. Michelle Harris says:

    I am interested in: entrepreneurship (deciding upon product or service, branding, marketing) ; bringing dreams to life ( soul goals and soul intentions) ; creativity (art journaling, writing) ; vision boards for seasonal wheels of life; mindfulness practices; reading books that will serve to inform how to live fully exalted lives (a book club) and giving back/community engagement.

    I like Online learning with collateral materials/ handouts or interactive facebook live events.

    Actually all the areas you mention above will be great for monthly or quarterly retreats/online events. The subject areas could be bundled, i.e. creativity-art journaling-writing – vision boards, entrepreneurship – giving back- book club, wellness-self-care -beauty- mindfulness, etc.

    I hope this helps, thank you for asking.

  4. Kirsten says:

    Kimberly –oh how fun thinking about what I would want to learn! My top interests would be entrepreneurship, creativity, writing, bringing dreams to life, and vision boards. Truth be known any of your list would be fun!

    I’m not a Facebook fan so would prefer a different mode of accessing. The idea of online is really appealing especially since not limited to a specific time or day.

    I’ve attended your virtual retreats in the past and enjoyed the variety of live and recorded and on my own aspects.

    Very excited to see what you announce later this month!

  5. Tami says:

    Hi Kimberly! You are so thoughtful to ask us what we would like – thank you! I love all the topics that you listed – seriously! Every single one of them is VITAL to me. I’ve been thinking about a format where we could all interact with each other and have lots of infusions from you via live videos and such. What about creating a secret online community… perhaps on Facebook, which would also be a private community, so that we could interact freely with each other without it being public. An ongoing membership community. You could do live videos on various topics and we would be able to post and comment as well. There could be files for recipes, TranquiliT style tips, booklists, and all the topics you mentioned in your original post. I read in the above comments that some people are not on Facebook though, so I realize this may not be the answer. Perhaps there is some other platform that could provide this kind of private online community space where members could post & interact with you and each other? It would be neat if we could each have our own profile page so that we could get to know each other better too. I always love learning via video and enjoy your online retreat days because of that. I am sure I will like whatever you end up offering, because we value & appreciate many of the same things! xo Tami

  6. Jackie Frank says:

    Hi Kimberly,
    I am struggling with finding inspiration – maybe I have become too tranquil! Creativity, vision boards, finding your dreams – would all be good for me. I love your writing and podcasts!

  7. Helen says:

    Thank you for asking! I find the Week and Month reviews helpful, interesting and inspiring. Also, too bad you don’t get a kickback on the books I’ve bought (and enjoyed) that you mention in the sources section, please continue to recommend reading material.

    Your tips on living in a mindful, tranquil and fun way are appreciated too. As others have mentioned, I prefer the blog posts to Facebook but I do follow some social media.

    And in line with others ideas on life transitions and tips for 40+ style are appreciated.

    Take care and enjoy your travels.

  8. Laura says:

    Kimberly, everything you mentioned to expand on, “yes,Yes,YES!” I started with your clothing line & can’t get enough. I indulge myself each sale. I recently learned I’ve been ordering all my wrong colors. So, I must start over. Have you heard of the program, “Dress Your Truth”?
    Personally, I enjoy your YouTube videos, and real life books rather than a pdf. I look forward to every note on the inbox-so many trinkets to treasure.
    Creativity, beauty, style, wellness, decor-they all flow from the same source. I am addicted to the benefits of yoga. 20-30 min sessions fit in well for me. Where to journey next in life& have confidence doing so. (I’m over 50, but feel 12!). Anything you choose, I’ll follow cuz I relate 100%!

    • Tami says:

      Hi Laura! Loved what you wrote! I am 51 and feel the same! 🙂 Is the book you mentioned what helped you discover that you weren’t wearing the right colors for yourself? I’ll have to look that up! Thanks!

  9. Sarah says:

    Love your podcast always. All the topics you listed sound great. Interested in your take on transitions, aging, giving back, staying motivated in your career, dealing with difficult people, cultivating healthy relationships, and bringing dreams to life. I also love your seasonal podcasts. Maybe you could do more guided reflections and art journaling that are centered on certain themes, like the ones I mentioned? Thanks, you are such an inspiration.

  10. Rachal E says:

    I have really been inspired from youtube lately. Maybe 52 weeks discussion on youtube?
    I love the live FB discussion videos that you have. I love ALL the topics you listed above! and perhaps you could do some ‘Plan with me’ or style videos. I really have no idea on the time and effort to do videos so it may not be realistic. I LOVE the podcast though and hope that continues!
    Thank you for all you do and I am sure that anything you choose will be inspirational!

  11. MELANIE FEENEY says:

    I love the fact that you are asking.

    Here are a few things: a series of photos of what you actually were in a week, and to where. I know you use your own line, and you are now no longer a yoga teacher but working in a more professional environment – so how does that really work? And what do you wear in the heights of summer and the depths of winter?

    I’d love some vlogs – I love your voice, but also you talking to the camera….and seeing your expressions, and the mad pets all around you.

    Your creativity practice….how do you settle into it? How do you make time in the gaps between other things? I’ve always had a problem with just having maybe 30 minutes to do something….I feel like I need a large swath of time, but you seem to be able to settle in and focus quickly and get something done. How do you do that?

    I’d also say no Facebook. I’m really trying to get out of social media and be more selective with what I see/watch/hear.

    I loved the all day retreat, but something like a weekly video with a different theme – maybe tied back to Tranquilologie? That yearly cadence with a month for a different focus….

    Real time planning….how you use your planner, how you plan out your week, do you do a lot in advance or plan each day the evening before?

    Prioritizing what matters….not getting caught up in busy-ness….

    Yikes, tons of stuff…..but you did ask!!!!!

    Thank you so much,


  12. Christine Blegen says:

    Definitely tips on transition as I move out of one long-time career and prepare to have an empty next in 2019.
    I am also finding as I age that I would love tips on style and beauty that are age-appropriate for women in the second half of their 40’s (and beyond).
    And always tips on yoga and ideas on how to do more writing.
    I have quit Facebook and would prefer anything that doesn’t require me to use that platform.

  13. Sharon LaMagra says:

    We are all in different places in our lives but for me, right now, I am interested in Transition,Entrepreneurship, Bringing Dreams to Life and Giving Back. Would like an online event similar to the virtual retreat, an e-course , and maybe some type of 4 week interactive event. Not a Facebook user so that would be out for me. Can’t wait to see what the result will be!

  14. Hannah Mongiat says:

    Mindfulness. Style. Bringing dreams to life.

    I would love an e-course supplemented with an interactive Facebook group and an online event. That might be asking too much but it would be amazing! 💜🙏🏻💜

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