I often get asked what a typical day is like and although no two are truly the same, here’s a sneak peek into most of life at the Pink Palace (my tiny condo in Washington, DC).

AM Ritual 7-8ish

Feed my three rescue pugs, make tea and a green smoothie, scroll through email, social, and The New York Times sooner than I wish I did (why can’t I wait?!), soak in the tub, get dressed (typically another set of what I wore the day before and, yes, slept in—2in1 fitted top + capri leggings), do skin care routine, apply makeup (always waterproof mascara, cat eyes, and red lips)

Start Day 9ish

Walk pugs, review Daybook, journal, work on projects (such as TDJ, write Love Notes, blog posts, or social, create videos, prep podcasts) meetings, take a virtual ballet class, handle email

Noonish Begin Seeing Clients

Virtual sessions with therapy clients

Evening Ritual 7-10ish

Read, cuddle with pugs, work on projects, take a virtual ballet class (if didn’t in the AM), handle email, watch news or the show-of-the-moment fireside, do skin care routine, lights out


Same start as weekdays with more of the above evening activities sprinkled throughout the day plus tea dates, museum jaunts, Zoom dates, pen snail mail, and host online events