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A sacred space to navigate the midlife journey with beauty, balance, and a touch of tranquility. 


Get an assortment of tools and tales designed to help you live fully and beautifully in this

 second stage of life. 

Midlife Musings on Substack offers support to find tranquility in midlife.

Would you like to:
  • learn ways to pause 
  • receive monthly encouragement
  • focus on your dreams
  • make yourself a priority
  • enjoy a virtual nap

Midlife Musings is a mini membership for your soul to 


reflect, learn, and dream 

each month.

I love receiving, and implementing the monthly virtual subscription. Like all sweet treats, as soon as I’ve devoured it, I want another one.

— Jacqui

Midlife Musings 

is a free monthly newsletter filled with tools and tales to help support your midlife journey. The paid membership (as little as $1.90/week) includes a potpourri of tranquility-infused multimedia tools send directly to your inbox to help you navigate each month of the year.

The tools may include:



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The paid Substack membership also includes opportunities to connect PLUS
enjoy even more bonus content. 





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Midlife Musings is guided by the five Tranquility du Jour 

I want to thank you for having this membership. I’m really enjoying it and it keeps me inspired during the month.

— Kim

This particular series is nice, snack-sized, practical, and timely TDJ.

— Barbara

Get monthly inspiration to nourish your soul and support your midlife journey


I am totally loving this!! I enjoy each monthly tidbit and theme…
it makes it easier to digest all of the information. I’m really enjoying each month’s playlists. Thank you so much for offering this.

— cindy

$250 / year


one year of tranquility plus


✓ a digital course of your choice
(value $197)
✓ a tranquilosophy workbook
✓ five monthly tranquility tools
✓ bonus content
✓ 20 years of blogging archives
✓ community

$99 / annual


one year of tranquility

$9 / monthly


monthly tranquility

✓ five monthly tranquility tools
✓ a Tranquilosophy workbook
✓ bonus content
✓ community

✓ one free month
✓ a Tranquilosophy workbook
✓ five monthly tranquility tools
✓ bonus content
✓ community


Includes the monthly Midlife Musings newsletter

Includes the monthly Midlife Musings newsletter

Includes the monthly Midlife Musings newsletter




Monthly Midlife Musings is a free newsletter. Upgrade to get it and much more below!


What is Midlife Musings?

What is Midlife Musings?

Your heartfelt space curated for midlife women to navigate this journey with beauty, balance, and a touch of tranquility. Midlife Musings sprouted from my desire for a space to share tranquility tools and tales, along with meaningful reflections and tranquil moments within the whirlwind of midlife. This Substack is an extension of that quest. It’s a space dedicated to the vibrant, sometimes challenging (hello, menopause!) journey of midlife. Here you’ll find insights, inspirations, and a community that understands and supports our unique journey.

As a free or paid subscriber, you’ll receive midlife magic straight to your inbox. You can also access everything in the Substack App. Add your favorite Substack writers and design a customized feed full of what you love! There’s also the option to upgrade to a paid subscription for as little as $1.90 per week

Paid subscribers get extra perks like:

★ New monthly tranquility tools including private podcasts, guided meditations, journal prompts, Spotify playlist, and more
★ Occasional bonus private podcasts, posts, and/or Q&A sessions
★ My “Midlife Month in Review” posts, where we reflect each month, share highlights and lessons learned, and capture our dreams for the month ahead
★ Access to a complimentary digital course of your choice in the Atelier
★ Bonus access to my 20 years of blogging archives—it’s a treasure trove of tranquil content in the Atelier

★ And more perks sprinkled in throughout the year!

Plus, access to a private community where you can engage in member-only chat discussions and connect with a like-hearted community.

What are the subscription options?

What are the subscription options?

There are three levels to choose from, learn more here: https://tranquilitydujour.substack.com/subscribe

When do I get my first Substack subscription?

When do I get my first Substack subscription?

Upon registration, you’ll receive a welcome email and have access to the Substack archives. Paid members will enjoy access to additional posts, podcasts, and resources. Learn more here: https://tranquilitydujour.substack.com/subscribe

 What causes will be supported?

 What causes will be supported?

Pigs and pugs, the environment, and orangutans are close to my heart, so Pigs & Pugs Project, 1% for the Planet, and Borneo Orangutan Survival will receive a percentage of the subscription sales.

Pigs & Pugs Project raises awareness through special events and supports the work of pig sanctuaries and pug rescue organizations throughout the United States with micro-grants. Our mission is to make the lives of pigs and pugs happier and healthier.

Thank you for helping support our mission!

How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hope you’ll love your monthly dose of tranquility. We also understand circumstances may change and you may need to cancel your subscription. Once you are logged into your Substack account, please follow the steps detailed here. Midlife Musings is filled with digital resources, so there aren’t any refunds. Of course, reach out if there’s anything I can do to enhance your experience!

How do I unsubscribe?

How do I unsubscribe?

Hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. We’ll miss you!

I have another question, how do I contact you?

I have another question, how do I contact you?

Feel free to reach out to us at hello@kimberlywilson.com. Happy to help!

Real self-care is about making space for you—your thoughts, feelings, and priorities in life. 

Pooja Lakshmin


I started sharing tales about tranquility through my blog in 2004 and podcast in 2005. I feel like we’ve grown up together and are now in a new, exciting phase. Creating Midlife Musings has been on my heart as a way to reach out to you, share the path I’m on, and invite you to join me. 

Over the years, Tranquility du Jour has served as a space for creative expression in person and online. Now it’s back in a new format on Substack with a similar intention—to provide nourishment to help you live fully and beautifully and to celebrate life’s simple pleasures as we journey through this second stage of life.

Pulling from my work as a psychotherapist, wellness entrepreneur, and tranquility seeker, these monthly tools highlight the season we’re in and showcase practices helping me find more beauty and balance on this path.


Ready to get monthly midlife inspiration to 

nourish your soul?