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Discover the power of tranquility to experience a sense of calm within the everyday chaos of life, explore the beauty around, and live your best life.

discover tdj's full and micro digital courses

A micro-course offers you an opportunity to explore a topic in a few thoughtful lessons filled with takeaways. A full course takes you through a topic with a variety of modules and associated lessons to go deeper into the experience.
Both are self-study, come with workbooks, and abundant bonuses.


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Ready to make your midlife
dreams a                ?

Prioritize self-care, showcase your signature style, find meaning, infuse mindfulness, deepen your relationships, reduce stress and overwhelm, express your creativity.

Imagine effortlessly integrating calm into your daily routines and breathing life into your vision of what’s next.

The TDJ digital course series offers on-demand access to tools, how-tos, creative resources, and guidance to help build confidence to live your best life.

Discover your personalized roadmap by following a tailored online learning experience.

Picture more tranquility, joy, and beauty infused into your everyday.

Deepen connection to your authentic self as you make space to dream, reflect, learn, and grow.

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TDJ micro-courses.

nourish your mind, body, and soul.


The Wellness micro-course provides different tools and techniques to help you set the foundations of holistic self-care.

Learn how to . . .
✔ Design your individualized wellness plan
✔ Infuse the 10 Types of Wellness into every day
✔ Prioritize the 15 healthy habits and more!

Ready to create holistic and healthy habits?

Only $47

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color outside the lines.


Set aside time to go within and embrace new opportunities
to get your creative juices flowing..

Learn how to . . .
✔ Art journal your vision
✔ Take your creative spirit on an artist date
✔ Try 15 tools to enhance your creativity and more!

Ready to nurture that creative spark?

Only $47

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live in the present moment.


The Mindfulness micro-course is your gentle guide to finding calm and ease in the chaos and busyness of life.

Learn how to . . .
✔ Find more ease through formal and informal practices
✔ Use the 3Ns to help manage thoughts and emotions
✔ Make friends with yourself and more!

Ready to hit that pause button on busyness?

Only $47

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move through your days with meaning.


The Compassion micro-course is designed to help you prioritize your values and engage in daily acts that align with them.

Learn how to . . .
✔ Be an everyday activist
✔ Make conscious choices to honor the environment
✔ Alleviate the suffering of others and more!

Long to leave a legacy by living your values?

Only $47

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showcase who you are.


The Style micro-course highlights style and beauty as interrelated, and an integral part of who we are and how we show up.

Learn how to . . .
✔ Clarify your signature style
✔ Design a capsule wardrobe
✔ Incorporate your flair into your home, office, travel, and more!

Want to showcase your signature flair?

Only $47

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full TDJ courses.

Tranquility Within Digital Course

Ready to prioritize your mental and emotional health?

find tranquility within

The Tranquility Within digital course is designed to help you
navigate life’s twists and turns with more tranquility.

Learn how to . . .
✔ Reduce and navigate stress with science-based tools
✔ Befriend overwhelm with a sense of ease
✔ Create an action plan to prioritize self-care and more!


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Living Tranquility Digital Course

Want the full Tranquility du Jour experience?

live the TDJ tenets

The Living Tranquility digital course incorporates tools to infuse mindfulness, style, creativity, wellness, and compassion into your life.

Learn how to . . .
✔ Fill your days with what matters most
✔ Make your dreams a reality by incorporating the TDJ Tenet tools
✔ Find more ease and clarity and more!


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Year of Tranquility Digital Course

Move through the year with intention and ease.

your year of tranquility

Everything that you need for your Year of Tranquility at your own pace.

Learn how to . . .
✔ Prioritize your dreams
✔ Explore new and well-loved practices
✔ Find a sense of meaning and more!


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Hi, I’m 

I’m a psychotherapist, writer, midlife mentor, eco-fashion designer, and rescue pug mama. I’ve been studying and teaching tranquility for two decades with a mission to help women find more balance and beauty in their lives.

As the host of the Tranquility du Jour podcast, author of multiple lifestyle-focused books, and creator of online courses and events, I love guiding midlife women towards more tranquility in their everyday lives.

I have a Master’s in Women’s Studies and Social Work and have been featured in The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Washingtonian, Huffington Post, US News & World Report, Yoga Journal, and Bella Grace.

My obsessions include ballet, matcha lattes, snail mail, and buying more books than I could ever read. I live in Washington, DC with rescue pugs and a longtime partner, while also dreaming of Paris.

Join the midlife tranquility movement and enjoy ongoing inspiration through my Love Notes and these courses!