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The TDJ Podcast

Hosted by author, therapist, and creative entrepreneur Kimberly Wilson, Tranquility du Jour launched in 2005 to sprinkle tranquility far and wide.

The Tranquility du Jour Podcast

Your guide to living a full and meaningful life with doses of 

Interviews and musings on creativity, compassion, mindfulness, style, mental health, and living a well life.


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My hope is that it helps others find a splash of tranquility, too. Happy listening!

Listening to the TDJ podcast is like having a conversation with a wiser older sister who cares and wants the best for me.

Thanks for all the wisdom that you have shared! It has helped me navigate challenging life situations with grace and ease.


I’ve been a devoted listener to the Tranquility du Jour podcast since its inception in 2005! I was initially attracted to the show because of the picture Kimberly Wilson painted of the kind of woman I wanted to be: Hip Tranquil Chick (the original name). I was new to yoga and this was one aspect, but other subject matter she presented was very compelling, including how to think about setting intentions, style, creative living, journaling, giving back, art and psychology – all of which I’m extremely interested in. Kimberly continues to explore these aspects and has broadened her content to include whatever is necessary to help women “find more balance and beauty in their lives” through her own ideas and interviews with talented and accomplished guests. Her intention is to help us infuse doses of tranquility into our everyday, and I feel that over the years, listening to her podcast has inspired me in numerous areas of my life.


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