400th Follow Up + Giveaway

On Tuesday I released the 400th episode of Tranquility du Jour. My intention was to share stories and lessons learned while also offering ideas to inspire.

I’m considering a 400th podcast follow up episode and would love to hear: 1) what you found most helpful, 2) what you wanted to hear more about, 3) any questions or ideas that bubbled up while listening, and/or 4) your takeaways.

To enter the giveaway, answer the above questions in the comments below and/or email me by 11:59pm ET on Sunday, July 16. You’ll be entered to win an all-access pass to six e-courses and three virtual retreats.

The winner will be chosen at random and announced below Monday, July 17 (from Oklahoma, where I’m heading with the pups and Tim for the weekend).

Thank you for being an integral part of spreading and living tranquility. I look forward to hearing from you! Bisous. x


  1. Kimberly Wilson says:

    A BIG thank you for these 8 comments and the 10 email responses regarding the 400th episode! I’m delighted to announce the winner chosen via random number generator is . . . Michelle D. I’ll reach out to you via email and a BIG thank you to all who took the time to respond. MUCH appreciated! x

    • Michelle D says:

      Merci beaucoup, Kimberly! I am beyond thrilled and so very excited about delving into the e-courses and virtual retreats! It’s Christmas in July for me! If I could insert a Snoopy image into this message, it would be a dancing Snoopy! I look forward to hearing the follow up to your 400th episode! Safe and happy travels to you!

  2. :1) what you found most helpful, Loved the peace on Grandma, touched my soul and I really resonated with the pain. I loved how elegantly you dealt with your grief and how you knew to take care of yourself.

    2) what you wanted to hear more about, always your savvy sources, book, magazines, courses.
    I’d really love more courses dealing with maybe anxiety/depression/grieving/ more on your therapy work.

    3) any questions or ideas that bubbled up while listening, and/or

    Where do you get your inspiration to write? How do you stay on schedule with your blogging & business.

    4) you’re takeaways
    I always learn something from every exchange whether it’s a tip a book or a new term.

  3. Maura says:

    Happy 400, Kimberly!!

    1. Most helpful – The incredibly diverse perspectives of the individuals on the podcast. They offer suggestions and insight in a kind, compassionate way.

    2. Yearning for more – Voices from around the country and world. I really appreciate when you speak with individuals of different ages.

    3. Idea bubbles – My “Excited to read” book list has grown exponentially 🙂

    4. Top Takeaways – It is wonderful to list to other people’s advice and reflections from their journeys. I can incorporate their suggestions into my life how works best for me. And I’m always excited to share the podcast with friends.

    Thanks for all you do!

  4. Kirsten says:

    Hi Kimberly,

    This podcast really hit home with me and am now trying to figure out if I am going through a change or a transition.

    1) for me, I couldn’t pick just one topic or thought that was most helpful but rather several things: the quotes as they really spoke to me such as “don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it” and “how we spend our days is how we spend our lives”. The list of items always with you in a bag was eye-opening as I carry almonds but loved the idea of adding apricots as well as earplugs are definitely going in my bag. And finally the fun ways to bring Paris to my daily life.

    2) I would love to hear about your writing process or how you write as well as more on transitions vs changes. The writing process always intrigues me as I like to hear what works for other writers. I am currently in the process of writing the second of 3 technical books and everyone is a learning process.

    3) any questions or ideas: looking back to the beginning of everything, is there any one thing that was a fork in the road or required a decision that you have ever wondered about not having selected the other choice. I want to learn more about what is a transition and what is a change

    4) takeaways:
    the quotes were my biggest takeaways and will be going on note cards to post around my apartment -to me they were little reminders of the bigger thoughts
    “create experiences even during adversity”;
    how simplification is not just reducing the stuff we have and reducing what we buy but also how we spend our time ( I, too, used to do a lot of spending at Target but rarely go anymore!)
    when we travel somewhere we can bring our favorite city to our every day life
    projects don’t need to be major but can be small more manageable and contained.

    Thought-provoking webcast for me over all.


    ps My dad insisted I learn to drive a stick shift first as “you never know when you’ll need to!”

  5. Tami K says:

    1) what you found most helpful
    I love the quote you shared by Howard Thurman — ‘Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. This is something I need to read daily because it is so easy for me to get bogged down by my myriad of family responsibilities and put my passions last. Yet, I know that making time for what makes me come alive is one of the best gifts I can give to my children, spouse, and all I come in contact with. This is how my light will shine.

    2) what you wanted to hear more about
    You know how much I adore TranquiliT clothing! I heard you mention streamlining … and am hoping that TranquiliT is still a part of your dreams going forward. I admit, this is a bit selfish of me, because I don’t know what I would do without this fabulous line of eco-friendly, easy going, chic, comfy clothing! I want to hear more about TranquiliT!

    3) any questions or ideas that bubbled up while listening
    Yes! I related to what you said about all the years of doing and accomplishing and busy-ness vs. now where you let go of some things to carve out time for the meaningful things. I think this is so important. I have had a similar experience in my life, but now see that I am out of sync with my friends who are still “all about the busy” and living through accomplishments. I have a much more peaceful life now that I make time for what truly matters, but how does one deal with occasional feelings of inadequacy when I have little to contribute in terms of latest accomplishments? I wonder if people stay so busy because they fear the quiet?

    4) your takeaways
    Do not forget the animals – my motto too and I love that you care about them so deeply and shine a light on them. Thank you!

    Take care of the people you love, one day they will be not here. I lost my mom to brain cancer and everything you said about your grandmother’s death really hit home. That is what woke me up too.

    Simple pleasures – some of mine are Lavender oil, tea, fresh flowers especially peonies, eating organic greens, dog cuddles, French cafe music – the little things that make life feel juicy!

    Thanks for episode 400 and all the episodes before it! My gratitude is ginormous!!

  6. Carrie McCarthy says:

    1) what you found most helpful?
    Your transition from a busy, on-the-go schedule to one that is more mindful of your moments and experiences. This lesson is something I too have been learning, and your thoughts were very validating. I think it’s important for people to understand that’s slowing down is not a sign a laziness, but really, more of a combination of the pursuit of the moment, mindfulness, and self-care.

    2) what you wanted to hear more about?
    I would love to hear more about the transition of your books into your memoir. You’ve mentioned how Hip Tranquil Chick was born, but how did that lead you to Tranquilista, Tranquilolgy, your Daybook, and now your future memoir? Which was/is your favorite to write?

    3) any questions or ideas that bubbled up while listening?
    How do the classes, certifications, organizations, and degrees you pursue come into your world. Do you seek them out? Do you hunt on the internet? Do they result from serendipitous encounters?

    4) your takeaways…
    Learn who you truly are and embrace it. {I am an INFJ, odd since childhood, and also an HSP}
    Slow down.
    Less is more.
    Listen to, and take care of your body.
    Learning is a lifelong pursuit.
    Books are the best of friends.
    Don’t forget the animals.

  7. Fanny says:

    1) what you found most helpful
    Listening to your podcast is for me always a ritual to help me to reconnect with my inner true self (and a bonus is that it is an opportunity to listen to a good English conversation with an accent I adore – I am Italian – in the meanwhile I have a cup of tea, and I feel like a precious guest in your room), your talk helps me to semplify my life, and at the same time to remind myself what is important, essential, and what it is ready to let it go, to create more elegance in the everyday life, to give time to what is really important for me (aka relationships, creativity, the Earth)

    2) what you wanted to hear more about
    I always appreciate to know more about life-style, culture, your new books/courses (I have “Tranquilista”, “Hip tranquil chick”, I adore the contents and the so chic and feminine graphic), and books in general, I am a book addicted 🙂

    3) any questions or ideas that bubbled up while listening
    I am a natural minimalist/semplifier, very organized, I have always dressed creating a capsule guardrobe due to a little budget but most of all because for me style is quality and to have a signature that is unforgettable. Knowing that more people are now applying the minimalist concept (with moderation) is reinforcing my natural attitude. Minimalism in my case does not leave out maximalism, it is just another form of aesthetics, and I love them boths, but for style and organization with minimalism we can not go wrong and also it gives a lot of time and energy saved to use for creative projects!

    4) your takeaways
    Take care of the people you love, one day they will be not here
    Do not forget animals
    Always be connected with your body/emotions
    I am a “tranquilosopher” too

    Love xxx

    PS. Thank you for the way you are manifesting your mission to support women to live their feminine soul with a juicy twist

  8. Kate says:

    I would love to hear how the internet and social media has enhanced and/or challenged your mindfulness journey.

  9. Priscila Pires says:

    Hi Kimberly,

    I have been listening to the podcast and following you for quite some time (fortunately had the pleasure of also meeting you in person in WV a couple of years back in a retreat).

    Regarding 400th episode:

    1) what you found most helpful
    For me was the idea of simplification. I also struggle with this a bit also trying to jam my life with too many activities and to dos and end up finding myself drained and not even enjoying all the things I then “have” to do. Simplification for me can have different meanings but the way it really resonates with me is along the idea of “less is more”.

    2) what you wanted to hear more about
    I am always interesting in listening from entrepreneurs. the process, the struggles, tips… i find fascinating and one day would like to be one myself. Also, would like to hear more about grief and ways of processing loss. I lost my father in 2014 and my mom just passed this last May. it has been hard for me at times (although i feel like i am doing better than i thought i would). What are some of the things you do to lessen the pain and intensify the good memories?

    3) any questions or ideas that bubbled up while listening

    more about animal activism and ways of getting involved. also, more on vegetarianism.

    4) your takeaways.
    Less is more.
    Moderation (with moderation)
    slow down and listen to what the body needs instead of pushing all the time
    interests and passions in life evolve and it is perfectly fine to change gears

    love your work!

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