Ever feel overwhelmed juggling your big dreams with your day-to-day to-dos? Wish you had a place to capture and store both? Love the tactile process of working with paper and pens? Me, too! Meet the Tranquility du Jour Daybook.

As a longtime lover of paper planning, I set out to blend function and style by releasing the first colorful Tranquility du Jour Daybook in 2012.

Chock-full of tips, tools, and checklists for living with productivity and tranquility, inside this edition you’ll find four seasonal layouts, 12 monthly layouts, 60 weekly layouts, invitations to pause, lists to complete, plant-based recipes, journal prompts, Artist Date ideas, yoga and meditation how-tos, and more.

This planner is for the busy woman who longs to infuse more tranquility into her days while staying organized, creative, and inspired.


Start anytime and use this dateless Daybook to guide you through a calendar year. At the start of the new season, fill out the Seasonal Life Review. Each month, pen your Month’s Dreams (what you want to manifest) and Month’s Review (how it unfolded). Weekly set aside one hour to plan and stay connected to your intentions. Review your schedule, to-dos, and projects each day.


Or scrap the entire system and make it entirely your own. Pick it up to reflect and dream. Doodle. Personalize it with ephemera, colored markers, washi tape, and your deepest desires. Turn it into a spiral bound planner at your nearby print shop.
This pink planner is a catch-all for your dreams, days’ events, and deepest thoughts.Pen your plans, explore new tools, and check the boxes (so fulfilling!). May this be a year filled with what matters most to you!

Tranquility du Jour Daybook will be available as a portable softcover with perfect binding, size 8.5 x 8.5 with 270 pages, and filled with full-color photography. $54

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Tranquility du Jour Daybook will also be available as an instant download PDF. Enjoy immediate access to the entire book. Print it and make it your own! $29.

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Grab your FOUR Tranquility du Jour Daybook bonuses: How-to workshops, a 25-page PDF, the virtual launch party replay, and a Spotify playlist to enhance your planning.


Sample Pages


What’s the difference between Year of Tranquility and Tranquility du Jour Daybook?

Year of Tranquility: A Lifestyle Planner has no weekly layouts and 12 essays/4 weekly practices not found in the Daybook. It’s more of a lifestyle planner and you can search inside it on Amazon. The Daybook has 60 weekly layouts plus all the Year of Tranquility lifestyle pieces MINUS the 12 essays and associated weekly practices.

When will the Daybook be available?

The Daybook is now available on Amazon.

What are the new features in this edition of the Daybook?

  • how-tos: journaling, yoga, seated and walking meditation [NEW!]
  • a list of Artist Date ideas [NEW!]
  • a chart with suggestions on how to use your weekly layout [NEW!]
  • space for your word/theme of the year [NEW!]
  • six Tranquility du Jour Tenets [NEW!]
  • an updated Tranquility du Jour manifesto [NEW!]
  • 32 Tranquility Tools: daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally plus tick boxes for tracking
  • a wellness planner to track or plan meals, sleep, exercise, mood, and water intake
  • current and ideal 168-hour schedules
  • seven-day detox plan and 10 tips
  • 15 journal writing prompts [NEW!]
  • a detailed description on how to use the Daybook [NEW!]
  • six yummy and simple plant-based recipes
  • monthly budget
  • weekly spending tracker [NEW!]
  • monthly habit trackers [NEW!]
  • a two-page visual layout of your year [NEW!]
  • 60 weekly layouts to capture your daily schedule, to-dos, and projects
  • space to write your weekly gratitude and intention
  • 12 monthly layouts to pen dreams, intentions, and review
  • pages to dream: books to read, places to visit, things to experience, start and stop, gratitude
  • four Seasonal Life Reviews to reflect on life trends
  • a tranquil travel packing checklist
  • a Savvy Sources podcast list [NEW!]
  • tips on creating a capsule wardrobe
  • 30 days of tranquility monthly challenge
  • moon phase journal prompts [NEW!]
  • ideas to practice everyday tranquility, creativity, activism, and mindfulness [NEW!]
  • letter to your future self how-to [NEW!]
  • a bucket list page to note your life’s dreams [NEW!]
  • a seasonal aspirations page [NEW!]
  • blank inspiration pages for doodling, taking notes, and dreaming

What bonuses come with the Daybook?

1. Workshops

A virtual launch party was recorded on 6/28/19 plus an additional workshop where I walk you through ways to use Tranquility du Jour Daybook  to set your days and life up for a year filled with what matters most to you.

2. Playlist

Enjoy a Spotify playlist filled with French-inspired tunes designed to fuel your creative spark as you move through the planning process.

3. PDFs

Enjoy a 25-page assortment of  PDFs to print and use with your new Daybook.

What the the Daybook‘s specs?

  • 270 perfect bound full-color pages
  • portable 8.5×8.5 size
  • $54

What if I want a spiral version?

Although Amazon doesn’t offer a spiral bound option (sigh), your local print shop can chop off the perfect binding and turn it into a spiral for a nominal fee. You can often choose metal or plastic spirals and sometimes from a variety of colors!

When will the PDF version be available?

The Daybook PDF is available for purchase HERE. Color printing is usually quite pricey unless you have access to your own color printer. However, this is a great option for making it your own as shown in this sweet video by Daybook aficionado Barbara.

What’s the history of the Daybook?

After months of dreaming, design, research, and edits, on November 11, 2012  I announced its release. The seed for this project was planted by an email from a blog reader/friend and took sprout with the $100 donation from the 2012 World Domination Summit. Learn more about the Daybook history and see the various editions HERE.