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Advanced Tranquility:

 Finding Beauty & Balance in Midlife

Introducing the revised edition of my 2010 book Tranquilista, now updated for midlife women navigating the journey of balance and beauty in this second half of stage. In this empowering guide, I draw from my 25-year journey creating Tranquility du Jour—a space for women to nourish their souls. While much has changed in my life as a former yoga teacher and studio owner turned psychotherapist in midlife, the essential tenets of living in tranquility remain timeless. 

Within these pages, you'll discover a treasure trove of insights and tools to cultivate wellness, creativity, style, mindfulness, and compassion in your daily life. From mindfulness practices to mental health tools to planning for retirement, I invite you to embrace your wisdom and design a life that nourishes your soul version 2.0.

Whether you're seeking to accept your changing body, reconnect with a childhood passion, or discover your purpose, Advanced Tranquility is your trusted companion on the path to thriving in midlife with joie de vivre.

Together, let’s redefine how a woman of a certain age shows up in the world. Do the thing. Take the trip. Be a beginner. Live out loud.

Together, let’s redefine how a woman of a certain age shows up in the world. Do the thing. Take the trip. Be a beginner. Live out loud.

Get a glimpse of the tools featured in this tranquil read:




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thriving physically, emotionally, and mentally 

finding a sense of meaning and connection

 living in a way that is kind to all beings (including ourselves)

letting our inner artist out to play 

bringing our signature into how we live and show up

making space for meaning and what’s next

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Hi, I’m 

I’m a psychotherapist, writer, and rescue pug mama. I’ve been studying and teaching tranquility for 24 years with a mission to help women find more balance and beauty in their lives.

For years, I taught tranquility and struggled to find it myself because I kept pushing to do more—write another book, build a larger yoga studio, develop another eco-fashion collection. In midlife, I knew I needed to make a shift.

After turning 50, I’ve trimmed my offerings, transitioned my eco-fashion line to occasional capsules, and am working on my latest book focused on midlife. I’m embracing simplicity in a new way that aligns with my energy.

Using the curated tools shared in The Coterie, I continue to streamline while also pursing my dreams, practicing self-care, and sharing my journey.

A cuppa matcha tea, a rose-scented candle, a pistachio macaron, a favorite jazz tune, a pug cuddle, a deep conversation, a decadent nap.

I believe that we can create a more tranquil life by practicing the five TDJ Tenets (mindfulness, creativity, style, compassion, and wellness), making space for our dreams, growing from our experiences, and connecting with like-hearted souls. 

I’ve been called upon as a wellness expert in various media outlets such as TV, radio, books, podcasts, and US News & Reports, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post. My work has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, Bella Grace, Washingtonian, Yoga Journal, and The Washington Post.

I hold master’s in women’s studies and social work. I infuse my work with science-backed tools coupled with my own experience. I’m so excited to share this new book with you!



There’s power in slowing down to experience tranquility in the simple pleasures of every day.