Tranquility du Jour #598: Career Self-Care

In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I chat with Minda Zetlin about her book Career Self-Care. Learn how taking care of yourself is a radical act, the power of journaling, ways to deal with toxic people, how mindfulness helps in work and life, and more! Direct download: Tranquility du Jour #598: Career

Tranquility du Jour #598: Career Self-Care2023-01-23T12:30:18-05:00

Celebrating 600 Episodes

Can you believe that we’re less than six weeks away from our 600th Tranquility du Jour podcast? Insert confetti toss! Yep, we’re celebrating 600 episodes on Monday, February 20 from 7:30-8:30 pm ET and your presence is requested for the live podcast recording and virtual festivities! Save your spot here. To help make this event

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