TDJ Live THIS Sunday

Mark your calendars for our spring TDJ Live at 8pm ET. I’ve been hosting these FREE seasonal events since 2007 and love connecting live with you.

During these gatherings we do a few minutes of seated yoga and mindfulness practices, reflect on how the year is unfolding, explore eight tranquility tools to help guide us through this season, and dream up ways to bloom into spring.

The event includes a colorful PDF Guidebook, one hour of inspiration, a TranquiliT discount code, and lots of love.

These gatherings began as calls where participants would dial in (remember those?!) and are now done via video with a chat box. I love this format because it feels much more intimate (versus me feeling Wizard of Oz-like behind a curtain) and let’s you, too, connect with our amazing community.

Can I just say that I think you all are amazing? Last week’s Book Launch Fête felt nothing short of magical. You each bring ideas and enthusiasm plus offer sweet support throughout these virtual events. I learn so much from you and appreciate the resources you, too, share. 

Look forward to “seeing” you on Sunday! Bisous. x

P.S. If you’re struggling in a certain area such as staying mindful at home with family or finding time for yourself and want me to include ideas for it in the gathering, let me know!

Everyday Style

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. —Rachel Zoe

As shared in a recent wardrobe confessional post, each morning I reach for my 2in1 fitted top (wearing the former TranquiliT tulip top with big bell sleeves in this photo) and capri leggings. Yes, year-round. I’ll often layer the look (see these 21 ideas) and yet these two pieces are my foundation.

While folding laundry this morning, I put three 2in1 fitted tops and three capri leggings back into their allotted drawers and smiled at how easy my dressing and laundering process had become. Sure, I have a small assortment of skirts, wraps, and dresses hanging in my closet ready to be worn, but they simply serve as enhancement to my foundation.

You’ve probably heard of decision fatigue, it’s the struggle of making good decisions when bombarded with decisions to make. For me, having a daily dress up foundation and go-to meals makes my mornings easy peasy. Breakfast is sprouted toast with avocado or peanut butter and banana plus a green smoothie. Having this set routine helps ensure a smooth start to the day.

Despite wearing the same foundation most days of the year, it rarely looks that way due to the layering. For example, today as I left the house with the long sleeve wrap tunic over the 2in1 fitted, sleeveless swing tunic, and palazzo pants, I joked to Tim that there should be a limit to the amount of layers one  wears.

To spice it up, I’ll tie scarves around me neck, hair or wrist, add colorful shoes or boots, and a dab of red lipstick. These small touches can brighten up the most basic look.

Consider your mornings, is there a way to simplify its start and still express your signature style? This transition into a new season offers the opportunity to do some spring cleaning and shed those winter habits and heavy layers. Who’s with me?!

Learn more tools for blooming into spring in our next free TDJ Live on Sunday, March 24. Register here. Can’t wait to connect live and explore ways to make our spring sparkle! Bisous. x

Tranquility du Jour #447: The Jewel of Abundance

In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, Ellen Grace O’Brian and I discuss her new book, The Jewel of Abundance, along with the four universal goals of life, how to shift our minds from worry to worship, and a roadmap for abundant living.

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Tranquility du Jour #447: The Jewel of Abundance


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Ellen Grace O’Brian is the author of The Jewel of Abundance.  She’s a yogacharya (an esteemed yoga teacher), a radio host, and an award-winning poet who weaves poetry into her teachings on spiritual matters, pointing to the mystical experience beyond words and thought. Ordained by a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, she has been teaching Kriya Yoga philosophy and practice nationally and internationally for over three decades.

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