Happy Full Moon

It’s Friday the 13th, a full moon (called the micromoon), and Mom’s 75th birthday! Whew, lots wrapped into one day.

Full moons feel magical. I’ve been paying closer attention to the moon shifts over the past year and am consistently mesmerized by the light of a full moon.

They represent a time for harvest and closure. A journal prompt that I recommend in my latest books is “I release . . .” What is it that you’d like to release?

Pause. Step outside tonight. Notice the bright ball in the sky. Hug a loved one closely. Try one of these rituals. Let something go.

See you Sunday for TDJ Live as we celebrate the season’s transitions! Bisous. x

TDJ Live THIS Sunday


Can I just tell you how excited I am about Sunday? Gizmo, too, he’ll be donning his pink polka-dot bow tie!

Seasonally we gather as a community to connect, learn new tranquility tools, and share inspiration surrounding the new time of year. TDJ Live is a free gathering and it wouldn’t be the same without you.

It’s our last TDJ Live of 2019 and I’ve got lots to share as we move into our final quarter.

You can register here and you’ll be given log in information to access a private page with the link to click at 8pm Sunday, along with more resources.

On Friday, look for the addition of the TDJ Live workbook PDF on your private page! Never fear, I’ll send reminders to registrants.

Gather your journal, a libation, and markers. Also, if you have them, keep your Daybook or Year of Tranquility nearby.

See you soon and can’t wait to connect!



Tranquility Salon Online is OPEN

I’m delighted to share that registration for Tranquility Salon Online is now open and here’s a video peek inside the experience.


What’s included in Tranquility Salon Online?

A lot! Two live sessions. Four weekly video modules to watch at your leisure (or, if you prefer, audio to listen to while on the go). An exclusive Tranquility Salon workbook PDF to help guide you through the course. Guided meditations. Email encouragement. An optional accountability buddy. A private Facebook group. A French playlist. A TranquiliT discount code. The Year of Tranquility PDF. A discount on a new Tranquility du Jour online offering releasing in 2020. The Tranquility du Jour Daybook PDF. Oh, and lifetime access!

Learn more and save your spot. I can’t wait to spend four luxurious weeks with you. Bisous. x