Why Join Tranquility Salon Online?

Feeling overwhelmed with back to school (literally or figuratively), realizing that priorities may be out of sync with values, or longing for new tools to balance this crazy ride called life?

We’ll be covering this and MUCH more in the upcoming four-week Tranquility Salon Online launching Friday, September 27.

Connect with a like-hearted community. Build your toolkit. Reconnect with yourself. Spend time in reflection. Learn new practices. Awaken possibility. Deepen awareness. Engage in creative play. Tune in to what matters most.

Learn ways to live with intention and ease as we move into the final months of 2019 and bustling holiday season. It wouldn’t be the same without you!


I’m joining the online salon because I have enjoyed so many things Kimberly does – the podcast, the online classes, the Daybook, the clothes. I turn 60 in four months and I am in a period of slow changes – focusing less on work and career and more on writing, travel, language, garden, dance. I think the salon will be a great place for me to work on that transition.




As a full time elementary teacher, wife, and mama of two, I’m joining the Tranquility Salon Online so that I can commit time for myself. I have found that when I take the time to take care of myself, I am happier, calmer, and more focused, which helps me take care of my family and my students. I am looking forward to spending 4 weeks on goal setting, self-care, practicing mindfulness, and getting creative. I’ve taken various courses from Kimberly in the past and I am so looking forward to this newest opportunity to add more tranquility to my daily life.



Anytime Kimberly releases something new, I sign up because I know it will be fabulous. I also loved the timing of this: towards the end of the year, close to the Holiday season and my busy season with my business. I thought it would be a great way to end the year on a positive and tranquil note.


Tranquility du Jour #466: Change, Vision & Connection

In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I chat change, vision, and connection with Britt Bravo. Learn the four things plants can teach us about change, how to identify your big vision, and the importance of connection.

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Tranquility du Jour #466: Change, Vision & Connection


Upcoming Events

Yoga, Business, Mindfulness Workshops: September 21 – 22 in Montreal, Canada

4-week Tranquility Salon Online: September 27-October 25

4-week Tranquility Salon: September 29-October 20 in DC [1 spot left]

Pugs & Pints: October 27 in DC

New Year’s Eve Mini Retreat at YogaWorks Dupont: December 31 in DC

New Year’s Salon: January 1, 2020 in DC [6 spots left]

NEW: Tranquility in the Tropics: February 13-20, 2021

NEW Tranquility in Tuscany retreat: August 28-September 4, 2021

Featured Guest

Britt Bravo guides creative entrepreneurs, writers, artists, and healers to clarify, create, and communicate their Big Vision for their work in the world. Practical and intuitive, she has worked in the personal growth and social change sector for almost 30 years. An early adopter of social media for social change, her local paper named her the “Best Podcaster/Blogger Most Dedicated to Social Change” and she was listed in Fast Company’s “Women in Nonprofit Technology Who Rock.” For many years, Britt was a Nonprofits and Social Change Contributing Editor for BlogHer, and the producer and host of the Arts and Healing Network’s podcast, as well as for her own the podcast, the Big Vision Podcast. She holds a BA in Sociology from Vassar College and an MA in Creation Spirituality from Holy Names College. Originally from Mystic, CT, she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and their cat who thinks she is a dog.

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Fall TDJ Live Fun, Photos + Replay

Thank you for joining last night’s Tranquility du Jour Live.

GRATITUDE: I SO appreciate you tuning in from Japan, Canada, and across the US to reflect, set intentions, and consider small shifts. WOW, what a fun group we had and I’m still feeling the buzz from it. So much good energy. As always, it’s an honor to host you.

REPLAY: If you missed us live or want to rewatch the gathering, the one-hour video recording is available HERE. A portion of all Tranquility du Jour offerings benefit Pigs & Pugs Project, so thank you for your support of pig sanctuaries and pug rescues.

GIVEAWAY: All these gorgeous images above were spotted online with #TDJLive, thank you for posting your creativity! During the event I announced a giveaway of the new Daybook. The winner was chosen randomly and the winner is Janemma255 from Alberta, Canada. Congrats!

SHARE: If you have an image, takeaway, next step, or ripple effects from our experience, please share. I love hearing how these events impact you!

SAVE THE DATE: Our next TDJ Live is Sunday, January 5 at 8pm ET.

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May you find nourishment, ease, and tranquility this season. And beyond. You are a gift. Bisous. x