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Helllooooo November

Welcome to a brand new month! I always love a fresh start, don’t you?

Over the weekend, I encourage you to pull out your journal, sketchbook, planner, Year of Tranquility, or Daybook to reflect and dream.

Consider . . . 1. What did you experience, accomplish, start, or ponder in October? 2. What would you like to experience, accomplish, start, or ponder in November?

Using ephemera (bits of paper), washi tape, a Sharpie, and your preferred book, put those November dreams on paper.

We have two months left in 2019 which is 1/6 of the year! There’s still plenty of time to review your year’s dreams and keep (or start) making progress toward what matters most. It’s one foot in front of the other, one tiny step at a time.

While reviewing my October dreams, I was only able to check three of my nine boxes. Some of the unchecked boxes involve other people (ex. new website), one goal I didn’t meet (ex. sell 50 tickets to Pugs & Pints), one I simply didn’t do (ex. donate five bags of stuff and two Tea with Kimberly videos—although I DO have a 20-minute Tea with K coming next week), and one is happening on Monday (open Provence retreat registration).

Rather than beating myself up (it IS a specialty), I’ll take the unchecked items into November, mark through what didn’t happen and was specific to October, and consider ways to get back on track (ex. set the Tea with K video ideas and schedule the recording).

Voilà, this process allows me to start the new month with reflection and intention setting PLUS a little celebration of what DID happen. Whew! You’ve got this and welcome to November, ladies! Bisous. x


After an 8.5-hour flight, the wheels touched down in DC  Wednesday night signaling the end of my Paris adventure. While away, I found myself lost in the senses: eight hours of jazz, 42 miles of walking, 12 pots of tea, countless cheese-free pizzas, three meet ups with friends, a carousel ride, and more.

Before I left last week, I did all the preparations possible to help with really being away. Not the kind of away where we’re still in constant connection to our digital devices, but away away.

I recorded these videos, let people know I was (mostly) unavailable, organized my to-do list for return and, while away, checked email only on occasion, and toted a mini art journal around town versus my planner. That helped keep me out of ongoing planning mode (it’s a favorite pastime) to stay more in the moment.

Up at 5:30am (perk of jet lag) yesterday and at the office until late, surprisingly despite taking six days off, I feel on top of things. By doing that prep work before leaving and regrouping on the flight back, I’ve fooled that post-vacay overwhelm feeling. Whew!

While sipping one of those many pots of tea, I set aside time to reflect in my mini art journal at a sidewalk café. It’s helpful to take stock as we move into the finale of 2019. Although the year is far from over, we have over 100 days left to make meaning and, similar to how I left for Paris, set the stage for what’s next.

Together we’ll be doing this in Tranquility Salon Online and registration opens THIS weekend. Be the first to know by joining the waitlist. I can’t wait to connect with you in this way!

May we continue to live our lives in a way that reflects our values and intentions to avoid that “rinse and repeat” feeling of all days seeming the same. We deserve tranquility even when the dogs are barking, babies are crying, bosses are demanding, and phones are blowing up. Especially then!

I believe tranquility is found in those moments in between and setting time aside to pause helps get us there. Bisous. x

Virtual Book Launch Fête

I’m home from Costa Rica and curled up in bed watching the Oscars while prepping the week ahead. I’m also getting excited about our upcoming virtual event on International Women’s Day (Friday, March 8) from 8-9pm ET.

Your presence is requested (of course). If you’ve ordered Year of Tranquility, your invite and link is over on your bonuses page. Pssst, be sure to bookmark that page so that you can return to your bonuses over and over again.

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, there’s still time to do so and join us! Oh, and you can RSVP here on Facebook.

Shortly before the event you’ll receive recipes and more to help you prepare for the fête. For now, please set aside this hour to play, plan, and connect during this special Tranquility du Jour gathering.

Bring your book, markers, a sparkly libation, and a celebratory spirit. Think festive, inspiring, and fun.

And, if you have any questions you’d like answered or topics you’d like discussed during the event, let me know! Bisous. x