Coaching: 4-session package

Coaching: 4-session package


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Purchase 4 sessions for a reduced price.

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Many women have been inspired and reached out for guidance on finding more tranquility and bringing creative dreams to life.

As a business owner who planted a seed in my living room in 1999, I grew Tranquil Space by 1000% in 5 years, created additional means for spreading tranquility (clothing line, non-profit, books, blog, podcast, activism, retreats), and have heaps of passion for helping others find their creative spark.

My focus on giving back and leaving a sparkly legacy resonates with many women. Below is a sampling of the topics that I can cover during your session in-person or via phone:


  • living a mindfully extravagant life
  • creating a holistic spiritual practice
  • leaving a legacy
  • infusing tranquility tools into daily life


  • building a socially conscious brand
  • starting or growing a business
  • launching a clothing line
  • speaking, writing, teaching


  • living with more creativity and flair
  • establishing your signature style
  • penning a book or blog
  • expressing yourself through art

To set up a session, please submit payment. Upon receipt, you’ll receive an email and mentoring packet with all the details including some pre-session OMwork (it’s fun, promise!). Next, we’ll work to align calendars for the perfect day and time. Coaching sessions can happen via phone, Skype, or in-person.


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