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While wandering the streets of Paris in search of Gertrude Stein’s apartment—a space where literary and art figures would meet to connect in what became known as her salon, I dreamed up the idea of hosting a salon TDJ style.

Over the years, Tranquility Salon has served as a space for creative expression in person and online. Now it’s back in a new format with a similar intention—to provide tools to help you live fully and beautifully (without taking a lot of time) and celebrate life’s simple pleasures. Think of it as a virtual subscription box!

I’d love to invite you into Tranquility Salon—a mini membership for the soul to reflect, learn, and dream for only $9/month (or $99 for one year).

Pulling from my work as a psychotherapist, wellness entrepreneur, and tranquility seeker, I’ll offer a tiny digital bouquet of resources highlighting what’s helping me find more beauty and balance in my day.

On the first of each month, you’ll receive a potpourri of THREE tranquility-infused tools directly to your inbox. The three tools will shift seasonally and align with the TDJ Tenets.

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Tranquility Salon | Annual