An Update & Gratitude

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Hello, love:

As you may have read, it’s our 20th blogaversary (confetti toss!) and I’m celebrating by starting a Substack named “Midlife Musings” with you in mind. I miss the good ol’ blogging days (remember those?!) and find myself drawn to simplicity coupled with deeper connections in midlfe.

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog since I released my last podcast for now (thank you Season 1, stay tuned for details on Season 2). Over the past six + weeks, I’ve focused on nurturing this year’s Coterie and creating our Substack.

Midlife Musings will be our cozy corner on Substack where I’ll be sharing insights and reflections on navigating midlife with beauty, balance, and, of course, a touch of tranquility. Each month, I’ll share a newsletter with things like . . .
  • Personal updates and musings on the midlife journey.
  • Tips and discussions on maintaining our well-being during this transformative time.
  • Deeper dives into thoughts and personal lessons learned along the way.
  • Ideas and inspiration for crafting a fulfilling and serene midlife experience.
  • Explorations into the world of adult ballet as a form of expression and self-care.
  • Strategies and support for nurturing our mental wellness during midlife.
  • Practical advice and inspiration for thriving in these vibrant years.
  • And so much more!

Have I missed anything you’d like to read about? Reach out and let me know!

For newsletter and blog subscribers: You don’t need to do anything to start getting the new Substack newsletter. Midlife Musings will be completely free and will arrive directly to your inbox each month. If you want more content, monthly tranquility tools, and a chance to connect with a community of like-hearted women who share our midlife dreams, there’s an option to become a paid member on Substack. Keep an eye out for your Midlife Musings welcome email and the first edition of the Midlife Musings newsletter coming in March. Pssst, I have a few posts waiting there for you when you arrive.

I’m thrilled to create this new, tranquil space where we can share and grow together. Midlife Musings on Substack is more than just a newsletter—it’s a chance to feel seen and to navigate this beautiful stage of life side by side. And, I have SO much to share with you. Honestly, I’m kinda in love with 50!

This blog space will transition to Substack on February 20 and although I’ll miss connecting here, I look forward to reimagining this space with you over on Substack. Thanks for sharing your attention with me, being part of my blogaversary, and joining me on this midlife journey. I’m over the moon grateful for your presence in my life!