August in Review

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I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again.―Anaïs Nin

Month in Review

I’m staring at my computer while listening to a French cafe playlist and the synchronized snoring of pugs. This Month in Review is a bit late. Okay, quite late. I almost decided to skip it, but instead thought spending my Friday night on it would feel better. So here I am, pondering August mid-September.

Last month’s highlights included a trip to NYC and the cherry on top was the meetup, taking lots of ballet, enjoying a weekend jaunt to West Virginia, releasing the self-care module of Year of Tranquility, brunch and tea dates with girlfriends, setting up my new office, hosting a childhood friend in DC for a night, snuggling with the pups, dreaming up TranquiliT’s fall designs (video from today’s shoot), and collaborating with therapy and mentoring clients.

While in NYC I hit Strand (of course) and picked up a 500-page biography on Anaïs Nin. When looking for a quote to embody my current mood, hers above felt like the perfect fit.

As mentioned in last month’s review, I’m craving a brief escape once I get through the events over the next six weeks. November and December are quiet other than the holidays, so I’ve got my eye on them for a getaway. Where? To be determined. The tugs at my hair are getting stronger and stronger.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead with an opportunity to listen to those things that are calling. Bisous. x

September Wish List

Release two podcasts
Host fun TranquiliT Trunk Show
Savor Alanis concert
Enjoy Tim’s birthday weekend with family and friends
Host inspiring TDJ Live
Smooth TranquiliT fall photo shoot
Schedule Pugs & Pints event
Design new message tee graphic
Finalize fall TranquiliT designs
Outline TDJ Guide to Paris
Take 12 ballet classes
Collaborate with clients
Finish 1-2 books
Release another TDJ Eat Plants video

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