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feeling very french-like these days while choosing decor for something new AND tres exciting that will be happening this spring. deets to come!

i’ve been sharing “the past of least resistance” theme with friends in crisis as of late. i love this new mantra. keeps me sane and less reactionary. always a struggle.

had a fun soiree with the tranquil space foundation steering committee last night at the pink palace. we celebrated the success of the first gala and our accomplishments of our first year. such exciting work and i love seeing it grow with our wonderful team.

since my return from the big apple on saturday night at 11pm, life has been exciting and exhausting at the same time. i’ve sat down to blog numerous times, only to have the phone ring or an urgent e-mail come through. i feel as though i have so much to share: thoughts on a class i took friday night that left me feeling “oogy,” shopping for fabulous accessories in ny – complete with a photo of my finds, and more. have been doing numerous podcasts with amazing authors – have about 6 very exciting ones in backstock just waiting to meet you all! hope you were as inspired by john’s (of the why cafe) as i was.

promise to sit down and share much more when my world stops spinning. must dash for a 12:30 wax appointment (gotta keep those brows in check). in the meantime, i hope you enjoy this piece from my weekly column on greening your holidays!

p.s. got a call from mama in oklahoma last night. apparently there is a fun write-up of hip tranquil chick in the latest fit yoga issue! crazy that my oklahoma mama gets the scoop before we do, eh?