$ense & $ensibility Monday: Travel Large on Little

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Happy Tuesday, lovely Tranquilistas! I hope the Americans amongst you had a lovely Fourth of July weekend. Today I want to share with you all a few tips for keeping the costs down on any upcoming vacations you’re planning.

Luggage Fees Add Up Quickly

Try to pack things a roller carry-on or a large weekend bag so that you’re not paying those crazy baggage fees. You don’t get cool luggage labels anymore, so what’s the point?
Stay With Friends and/or Family If Possible
An easy way to cut out hotel costs. And, if you’re even more adventurous, you can try Couch Surfing. Just remember to be a courteous guest: clean up after yourself, offer to cook a meal or two, and don’t expect your hosts to be your tour guide or at your beck and call. And when you get back home, be sure to send a gracious thank you note.
Don’t Go Insane on Buying Souvenirs
No, your best friend’s mom’s sister does not need a miniature Eiffel Tower. You don’t need to bring home something for everyone. Also, do you want some tchotske clogging up your shelves, or would you rather have one or two beautiful things from your trip to cherish? In my own case, when I was exploring Venice I searched out true artisans and bought myself a gorgeous worked leather journal and a carnival mask that I watched the artist make. Not only do I treasure these two souvenirs because they remind me of my time in Venice, but they also brighten my apartment with their beauty.
Take Public Transport
It might be scary in a city you’ve never been to before, but it can save considerably on cab rides. Also, most cities with public transport offer deals on multiple tickets or on passes for multiple days. Ask at tourist information centers to learn more.
Museum Madness
Some cities offer passes that will get you into multiple museums over a certain number of days. This usually allows you to skip the lines at the museum ticket desks and waltz right in. Again, ask at tourist information centers. If you’re a member of your local museum, ask if they have reciprocal agreements with any museums in the city you’re visiting.
Oldie but a Goodie
It’s clichéd, but for a reason: if you can’t afford to travel this year, take a staycation. Explore a new part of your town or check out a neighboring city for a day. Just take some time for yourself out of your ordinary routine.
Keep living big on that budget,