Foodie Saturday: New Year’s Intentions

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Analiese is a writer, yogini, holistic health counselor-in-training, and aspiring whole foods chef based in the Washington, DC area. As a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she is passionate about helping others make natural and sustainable food choices. She writes about food, health, wellness, and creativity on her blog, Tulips & Tea.

Happy New Year’s Tranquilistas!
I hope you enjoyed a tranquil  and festive holiday season.  The first day of a new year is a time for reflection, celebration, and the setting of intentions, and as such, it’s also the ideal time to reexamine our relationship to food.

For my last regular foodie post on Tranquility du Jour (though I’ll be back in 2011 with some guest posts!), I thought it would be lovely to look both forward and back by considering past posts as intentions for the New Year.

Food Intentions for 2011
To these, I’m also adding the following:
6. Join a CSA 
7. Create healthy, home-cooked meals at least 4x/week
8. Try one new-to-me fruit or vegetable each month
9. Play with raw foods (so inspired by some of these delicious-sounding recipes)
10. Host a dinner party focused around yummy, plant-based dishes!
What are your food intentions for the coming year?
I’ve loved sharing my 2010 with the fabulous Tranquility du Jour community.  
Here’s to a delightful and delicious 2011!  Cheers!

Photo of toasted almonds by moi.