Guest Blogging, Day 2: I Double Triple Dare You

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Amanda Hirsch, who writes about creative living in her blog, Creative DC, will be writing for Hip Tranquil Chick this week while Kimberly is out of town and away from Internet access. Kimberly will be back on Sunday the 27th.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” -Seneca

I was heartened to see a response to my post yesterday – so gratifying to know when you’ve reached someone. Regina Clare Jane in Florida wrote that she was inspired to pick up The Artist’s Way. Turns out Regina has a blog of her own, called “I Still See a Spark in You.” Reading it, I was reminded of how much we all struggle the same struggle – trying to live a centered, mindful, peaceful life, trying to apply our yoga practice off the mat to challenges large (a sick parent) and small (a rude customer service rep). I thought of people all over the country and the world feeling these same feelings, and thought how wonderful it is that through writing – and through blogs, in particular – we can find each other and remember that we’re not alone.

If you’re someone who doesn’t typically share what you’re going through with others – maybe this can serve as a gentle encouragement to do so. What might feel freakish or boring to you might be just the thing someone else needs to hear to feel less freakish or boring themselves. It takes courage to expose ourselves but, like going to our edge in yoga practice – the rewards can be some of the sweetest stuff life has to offer.