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love notes
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glittery, artsy + tasty giveaway goodies

dearest readers,

as a token of gratitude for YOU, i’m offering a glittery giveaway of artsty + tasty treats:

1. un petit composition notebook to record your dreams
2. pastel acrylic paint
3. glue stick
4. organic lavender sachet
5. violet candes
6. rose green tea
7. marie antoinette postcard from versailles
8. marie antoinette tiny tin with mints from versailles
9. glittery pink pouch

enter to win: leave a suggestion to enhance your experience at tranquility du jour in the comment section below by THIS friday, june 14 noon ET.

winner: the lucky winner will be chosen using a random number generator this weekend and this box of love will be en route to the lucky winner via snail mail from paris next week.  

merci for reading and resonating and offering tips for enhancing. bisous. x