signature style wednesdays: setting goals with style

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it is not enough to take steps which
may some day lead to a goal;
each step must be itself
a goal and a step likewise.

(johann wolfing von goethe)

hello gorgeous tranquilistas!
i hope you’re having a stylish week filled with sunshine and happiness. in case we haven’t met, please check out my most recent musings on sparkling into spring. this week’s topic is setting goals with style.

i recently had a birthday and am feeling a strong desire to reexamine my intentions for the coming year. here are a few ways to infuse sparkle and style into any goal-setting session…

set the stage
get comfy or dress up. take yourself to a coffee shop or nestle in a bunch of blankets. draw a bath or pull up a chair. grab a latte or steep some tea. burn incense or a soy candle. put your favorite tunes on or find silence. do whatever helps get you in the mood for creative thought.

gather your materials
collect inspirational quotes or images from magazines to put in your journal. buy large post-its and mr. sketch markers for brainstorming. get your notepad and favorite sparkly pens. keep your macbook and favorite books close to reference.

imagine the possibilities
think back to when you were a small child with big dreams. step outside the box. give yourself permission to imagine what you could accomplish if money, time and space were not obstacles.

be sparkly, be smarty
keep the acronym s.m.a.r.t. in mind as you set your goals. be as specific as possible. determine a measurable outcome. establish intentions you believe are achievable. dream big, but be realistic. keep your goals timely by establishing a deadline or check-in date to assess your progress.

reward yourself
buy a new book. take a friend to the movies. book a mani/pedi. splurge on a dinner out. treat yourself to something special. recognize your achievements and delight in the bliss of achieving your goals!

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