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Week in Review

Bonjour and welcome to this brand new month. February is a sweet wintery nugget dripping with conversation heart candy, chocolate, and romance. With or without a partner, consider having a bit of your own romance in the form of deep self-care.

If you haven’t taken a moment to pen your February goals, I encourage you to spend a few minutes with your Daybook, washi tape, ephemera, markers, and your dreams. What are you hoping to bring forth? For me, as you’ll see above, it’s a continuation of how I want to live, show up, and create.

Last weekend we headed to Baltimore for Saturday and Sunday night Garth Brooks shows. I missed him Monday night as I was beginning to get used to having a nightly concert. The good news? We just booked tickets for Raleigh and Vegas! Poor, poor Tim.

To call his performance a concert doesn’t do it justice. It’s a full-on experience. From the drunken man in front of us ripping off his shirt and twirling it like a lasso to “Shameless,” to Garth’s so-called “housekeeping” where he takes spontaneous requests from the audience during the encore, to his unending energy, to the abundance of cowboy boots and hats, to the gratitude he shows his fans and crew, to his Oklahoman roots. I’m mesmerized from start to finish.

Tim and I are on a calorie-counting kick and tracking our food through Lose It. I’ve got a few pounds of sugar I’d love to shed (darn those Thin Mints) and this app helps keep me it in check. Is the dark chocolate peanut butter cup worth it? Often, yes! Either way, it’s helpful to have the accountability and I love putting in my random bits of unplanned exercise—biking or walking to work, walking Mookie, dancing to Garth.

Last week I hosted a Writing Lab and took the group through prompts for two hours. Here are a few of them: pen a journal entry 10 years in the future, write about a time you were recently in public from the point of view of a stranger, write an autobiography in 10 minutes, list 25 books you could write. If any of these resonate, try them out and see what unfolds.

Watch for a new podcast and Love Note coming your way early next week. I’ll be announcing my upcoming Periscope broadcast unveiling TranquiliT‘s new spring colors and designs, releasing a podcast on the writing habit, and sharing my top tips for setting up a creative space.

Wishing you a delightful weekend. May it be filled with a flaky croissant, a vulnerable moment, and a warm cuppa tea. x

Week in Pics

  1. Creative space
  2. Week 5 of 52 Weeks of Tranquility: Sun Salute
  3. Green smoothie
  4. February dreams
  5. Creative chaos
  6. Red Emma’s in Baltimore
  7. All smiles post-brunch at American Visionary Art Museum

Savvy Sources

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Weekend Wish List

Attend Jasmin Singer book reading/signing for Always Too Much and Never Enough
Afternoon tea at The Willard and jaunt to the Renwick Gallery
Productive meeting with Tim
Co-host inspiring Mindfulness Urban Retreat
Pen thank yous
Prep Costa Rica Art + Asana materials
Soak in the tub

Et toi? What’s on your weekend wish list? x