YOUR 52 Weeks of Tranquility Story

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I’m putting the finishing touches on the 52 Weeks of Tranquility Journal and would LOVE to include a few stories on how this program has affected you in 2015.

Here’s a snippet from one reader:

This year, I followed Kimberly’s 52 Weeks of Tranquility. Each week I eagerly awaited the new post, and if I was busy, I saved it. I wanted to allow time to read and reflect on what she had to say, suggest, or offer as inspiration. Time and time again, I was amazed to find that the weekly topic aligned with something going on in my own life. How in the world did she know I needed to think about being present? Or that it was time to take a look at the food I eat? Who told Kimberly that I needed help creating a morning/evening routine? Gracious, does everyone know that I need to up my greens and work on my style?

If you’re willing to pen a 200-350-word piece on how 52 Weeks of Tranquility has impacted YOU, I’d be over the moon to receive it. Please pass it along to me by Tuesday, December 22 10pmET.

Your stories mean the world to me and I’d be honored to receive them. Bisous. x