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this month’s online book club feature aligns with my burgeoning desire to nest, create, and home make: the hip girl’s guide to homemaking. here’s the skinny per the author’s website:
“Part One: Home-ify Your Pad. A room-by-room approach with quick and easy ways to make your place cozier. Check out the blog for these low-cost, special touches to tap into and show off your inner artist…because no one should get away with, “I’m not creative.”
Sometimes it just takes a little spark to get you going (or $11 in your wallet for the week.)
Part Two: Impressive Acts of Domesticity. I’m doing housewifey things on my own terms. I’m your alternative-Martha, acknowledging that it’s a bit stressful to go from doing nothing around the house, to attempting projects via Ms. Stewart: sewing/mending, cleaning, fixing, crafting.
Most importantly though, don’t be afraid to don your domestic goddess hat. After all, some of this stuff isn’t as hard as I’ve been led to believe (once you break the first-time barrier.) I’m still not doing dishes after dinner; the happy life of digestion sans dish soap is planted firmly in my heart.
Part Three: Life after Restaurants. Meet your kitchen and try a few homemade projects while you’re at it. After you’ve managed a few meals at home (and still have more produce than you can eat) take a shot at small-batch, seasonal canning and preserving. Show your work (off) through entertaining with low-key, low-stress ways to host.”
here are some fun videos, kate’s blog, bio, interview by austin eavesdropper, and interview titled “real hipsters do housework.” love her notion of “living thoughtfully in the modern world.” i am absolutely adoring this book and hope you will, too.

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