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bonjour and welcome to august!

i am excited to share this month’s online book club choice: this i know: notes on unraveling the heart by susannah conway. i’ve been loving this book and had the pleasure of hearing susannah speak at the world domination summit and again at kelly rae roberts‘ sweet studio in portland. this book is filled with gems on lessons from loss, along with beautiful eye candy from her photography.

one particular passage that really resonates with me is on the topic of “to pay attention” and is “as we learn to live with the loss, we find new ways to live in the world, and what was once important may look very different to us now. beingso well acquainted with death brings with it a new appreciation for life, and over time we may feel a renewed sense of purpose that has never been there before. it might be your children, your community, a charity, or the work you share with the world, but somewhere within the healing and recovery is a way to imbue our lives with new meaning. it’s a hidden gift of bereavement, one we could never have imagined existed at the beginning, but it’s there nonetheless. it may take years, but we do come back to the world, i promise we do” (p. 21-22).

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look for another podcast with susannah on tranquility du jour shortly. i look forward to hearing your takeaways from this book.

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