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dearest readers:

bonjour from tranquility tour where i’m writing at a starbucks in jersey city where wifi drips quicker than in our rv park nearby.

it’s that time of the year . . . we get to choose a new book to explore together. i hope you loved savor and have gleamed some new insights on mindfulness and eating. i know i have and the journey is ongoing. thus, i wanted to offer up a text that is playful, yet filled with inspiration and has a french twist. may i introduce you to bonjour happiness: secrets to finding your inner joie de vivre?

resources: here’s an interview with the author on bonjour paris. a book review on the simply luxurious life. and soon you’ll hear my recent interview with her on tranquility du jour. ooh la la!

may we all find our joie de vivre this season while donning tall boots, sipping hot tea, and frolicking in fall leaves. bisous. x

reminder: to participate in our online book club, simply click the book image on the far right of the blog to share your thoughts, challenges, and insights regarding our chosen read. merci for reading along