july online book club

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dearest readers,
please forgive my delay in choosing july’s online book club feature. between the birthday, getting out of town, and not getting online from costa rica until now, i’m a bit delayed. mea culpa. 
however, while napping, reading, and dreaming during yesterday’s thunderstorm (it’s rainy season here), i decided on this AMAZING book: bird by bird. it felt like the perfect fit for july’s vibe. the book was recommended by a georgetown university writing teacher in 2001 and i’ve skimmed it for years. i went to hear anne speak a few years ago when she released another book and i think you, too, will be inspired by her voice.
here’s more on anne:
a video on her favorite writing exercises
article in sunset on finding time
wishing you moments of pleasure curled up with a book that inspires you to share your authentic voice . . .  bird by bird. ready to dive in with me? hope so!
bisous. x