july’s online book club choice: the joy of less

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bonjour and welcome to july! 
we returned from our travels last night a bit fuzzy from 16 hours o’ travel. i unpacked, went through heaps of mail, and crashed two hours later. up bright and early (yay flying east to west) and am excited to share this month’s online book club choice: the joy of less: a minimalist living guide by francine jay. 
i was introduced to miss minimalist‘s work by a blog reader encouraging me to interview her for the podcast. then i picked up her book and finished it while traveling in france. loved it! after living out of two bags and a purse for nearly six weeks, coming home to my small pink palace filled with flea market finds, stacks of paperwork and art supplies, accessories, vintage clothing, and overflowing books has me doing a double take. as i fell into slumbering bliss last night, i decided to pull together an online yard sale as i begin my decluttering process. i have so many treasures, but so few needs and it is time to pare down. stay tuned for my blog yard sale coming soon and pics from my decluttering process.
in the interim, let’s begin to simplify together (july’s edition of tranquilologie releases today goes into this further concept further). first step: reading this book and taking a few action steps to slip down our possessions. i can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this book and to hear how the process unfolds for you! 
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here is my favorite quote from her book, “minimizing our consumption to what meets our needs, minimizing the impact of our consumption on the environment, and minimizing the effects of our consumption on other people’s lives. once we’re warm, safe, and fed, we shouldn’t feel compelled to browse a shopping mall, or surf the internet, to find more things to buy. instead we could devote that time and energy to other, move fulfilling pursuits – such as those of a spiritual, civic, philosophical, artistic, or cultural nature.” um, wow!
may we begin to pare down, relish in basic luxuries, and find our way back to simpler times. 
bisous. x
july bookclub - joy of less