june’s online book club: the art of non-conformity

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happiest of memorial days to you. 
i am spending it on le beau’s screened in porch in the woods handling biz admin, planning the week, and prepping for creative play. one of today’s to-dos is to determine and announce june’s online book club book. considering may’s book was a bit light and fluffy (pure decadence), i searched high and low for a book new-to-me and with a focus on making a difference. 
after reading the reviews and perusing chris guillebeau’s website, i’ve decided on the art of non-conformity: set your own rules, live the life you want and change the world. knowing you beloved blog readers, this subtitle sounded like something we could ALL get behind with sparkly bells on!
i’m purchasing my copy today and hope you, too, are excited about this read. here are a few fun features of chris’ that i’m enjoying exploring: 
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LOVE the notion of non-conformity and am hopeful this book inspires us all to be the change 
we want to see in the world. one tiny sassy-heeled step at a time. 
bisous. x