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Bonjour from Paris! Before I head to the airport, I wanted to share these three videos I recorded last week before leaving for the City of Light. Tea with Kimberly: My Carry-On Must-Haves See everything stuffed inside my Matt & Nat bag. It's like a clown car where more keep popping out. Meet the six

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Fall TranquiliT Sneak Peek

  On Friday we transformed my tiny home into a photo studio to shoot the latest TranquiliT collection. We push all the furniture to the side, set up a huge white backdrop, organize all the designs and layers on a rack, set out an assortment of shoes, wrangle the pets, and voilà, we're ready to

Fall TranquiliT Sneak Peek2019-08-19T10:56:48-05:00

Transforming the Maxi Skirt

  TranquiliT aficionado, Barbara, shared these photos of her transforming the maxi skirt into a wrap, hoodie, neck warmer, and cape. Genius, no? The ballet color is stunning on her. I'm often blown away by your creativity in curating outfits from a few staples. Ah, the beauty of capsule dressing! Challenge: try a new way

Transforming the Maxi Skirt2019-08-09T13:54:03-05:00