Greetings from the beach! It’s Tim’s birthday so we’re soaking up our first taste of summer’s surf and sand (with lots of sunscreen, of course). I hope your weekend is providing a few moments of deep breaths and spaciousness!

For the past few months I’ve been working on digital courses: revising TDJ Tenets (formerly called TDJ Lifestyle), breaking it into five micro-courses to highlight each Tenet separately, updating transcripts, recording lessons, creating bonuses, designing workbooks, AND making a brand new mental health course. Whew!

I can’t wait to share them with you on Tuesday, September 12. Join the waitlist here to get first dibs and a special savings offer! Details below.


The program includes five modules—mental health, emotional wellness, mindfulness, coping skills, self-care—with 25 bite-sized audio lessons to digest at your leisure, lessons’ transcripts, a Spotify podcast playlists, a YouTube channel playlist, pretty phone wallpapers with TDJ inspiration, and a beautiful 60-page workbook PDF.


The program (formerly named TDJ Lifestyle) includes five modules with 25 bite-sized video lessons to watch at your leisure, lessons’ transcripts, five Spotify podcast playlists, a YouTube channel playlist, a collection of essays on the Tenets, and a beautiful 65-page workbook PDF.


Enjoy TWO exclusive Tranquility du Jour digital course experiences —TDJ Tenets and Mental Health—and save $100. This bundle includes two courses containing five modules (ten total) with 25 (50+ total) bite-sized lessons to digest at your leisure, lessons’ transcripts, six Spotify podcast playlists, two YouTube channel playlists, two beautiful 60+-page workbook PDFs, a collection of essays on the TDJ Tenets, and pretty phone wallpapers.

These digital courses contain one module of the full TDJ Tenet, come with a beautiful 20+-page workbook PDF, five video lessons plus transcripts, and a bonus Spotify podcast playlist!

I hope you’re as excited as I am to explore the tranquility lifestyle, deepen your well-being, and build on tangible tools. Thanks for joining me in the lifelong journey of finding tranquility within, showing up, and seeking to make a difference!