Are you ready to achieve clarity, purpose, and personal growth?

Kimberly is a psychotherapist and midlife mentor committed to helping women find balance, beauty, and renewed purpose in their everyday lives.

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If you’d like to embrace the joys of midlife, find renewed purpose and tranquility in your every day, and be connected with your true self, book your coaching session with Kimberly.

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom.

Anaïs Nin

Are you…

wondering how to grow a creative dream?

making life and/or career transitions?

ready to create healthier habits?

longing to identify your goals and aspirations?

wanting to align your values and daily to-do list?

craving self-awareness and ways to boost self-confidence?

Let me help you design your action plan to clarify and achieve your creative dreams.

As a psychotherapist and midlife mentor with two decades of experience, I bring a holistic and grounded approach to our work.

My style is warm and collaborative and each session is uniquely catered to your specific needs with a focus on spending time and energy doing something that you love.

Clients have asked help in…

making a career or life transition

establishing clear goals and action steps

designing a healthier lifestyle

increasing self-care and stress management

finding balance in midlife

defining and expressing your signature style

bringing creative dreams to life

aligning values and everyday actions

How does it work?

FIRST step

Choose a session and submit your payment.

second step

Next, you’ll receive a personal welcome email highlighting next steps including an inspiring 20-page workbook filled with tranquility tools within 24 business hours.

third step

We’ll work to align calendars for the perfect day and time.



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Deepen the process and accountability
over the course of one year

Get an occasional jolt
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