And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom.

Anaïs Nin

Coaching with Kimberly

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Are you…

eager to launch and grow your businesses?
in the midst of making life and career transitions?
shifting to a healthier lifestyle?
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Let me help you design and create your action plan to clarify and achieve your creative dreams.

As a psychotherapist and
wellness entrepreneur with two decades
of experience, I bring a holistic and
grounded approach to our work.

My style is warm and collaborative
and each session is uniquely catered to your
specific needs with a focus on spending
time and energy doing something that you love.

Clients have asked help in…

  • making a career or life transition
  • establishing clear goals and action steps
  • starting and/or growing a wellness business
  • designing a healthier lifestyle
  • writing for self or publication
  • teaching 1:1 or groups
  • transitioning to a veg diet
  • creating products
  • leading workshops and retreats

How does it work?


Choose a session and submit your payment. 


Upon receipt, you’ll receive an email and coaching packet with all the details
including a pre-session questionnaire (it’s fun, promise!).


We’ll work to align calendars for the perfect day and time.

Ready to take the next step?

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Coaching: 4-session package

Deepen the process and accountability
over the course of months to years (they don’t expire!)


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Coaching: 1 session

Get an occasional jolt
of inspiration and direction



In the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia)
and looking for therapy?

find out more here


Each session is 50 minutes.

We can meet in person or via video.

Since the appointment time has been set aside just for you, there will be a full session charge for any cancellations within 48 hours. 

Yes, I have a form for you to fill out that will highlight your goals for the session and more.

Coaching is different from deeper therapeutic work and an option for us to work together 1:1 especially if you live outside the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. Coaching is often used to focus on a specific personal or professional issue such as making a career change or pursuing a creative dream. Together we create an action plan and monitor progress toward a specific goal(s). Our work together may be a one-time discussion or a longer ongoing experience.

Client Experiences

“I absolutely adore Kimberly!! I came into our mentoring session with big dreams of being a published author and a vague glimmer of a book idea (but no clue where to begin). An hour later I had a wealth of information about the publishing process, Kimberly’s amazing insights + feedback on my concept, and a crystal clear outline of next steps (which I’ve already begun to implement). It would have taken me months to do on my own what we accomplished together in an hour. If you want loving + sparkle-infused guidance on how to make your creative dream happen (way faster and easier than you could on your own), hire Kimberly. You won’t regret it!”


“Thank you for the wonderful ideas and resources you shared with me last weekend during our conversation. I am very excited about my next steps and finding a way to make my work more meaningful and beneficial to all. Your success and openness about your journey is inspiring and I thank you for sharing it with the world.”


“My mentoring session with Ms. Wilson exceeded my expectations and was well-worth the time and price. It left me inspired and empowered. Her honesty, support, and expertise were exactly spot on! I felt like I went into the meeting like a lamb, and came out like a lion. I am a grateful and happy customer.”


“You truly are special and I loved chatting with you!! I got nervous when our session was close to an end because I had so many questions!!! I thought of other take aways from our session: I loved all of your tips, steps to publication, how to truly be authentic and how your voice can change and that’s okay. I also really loved the idea of seeing what the clients want with the list for consulting services. Thank you so much Kimberly for your kindness and much needed inspiration and wisdom!!”


I found Kimberly’s work when I was the most lost and untethered. From her books, to 1:1 coaching, to retreats Kimberly has given me a roadmap to access my heart’s deepest desires and a solid platform to launch them. In our 1:1 work, I had a place to say what I wanted out loud to someone who’s been there. Kimberly guided me when I built my yoga studio, she created space for me to dream about being a writer, and she planted seeds about certifications that would enhance my path. I’m publishing my first book this year and I know I wouldn’t have done it without Kimberly’s guidance over the years. If you’re thinking about working with her, I promise you it’s the best decision you can invest in.

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Seeking community, I planted a seed in my living room in 1999 and grew a yoga studio, Tranquil Space, into a studio named among the top 25 in the world by Travel + Leisure and sold it to YogaWorks in 2017.

To spread tranquility and nurture my own creative spark,
I also design the eco-friendly and locally-sewn
clothing line, oversee a non-profit, pen books and a blog, host a podcast, and created mindful offerings.

I have master’s degrees in women’s studies and social work
and bring two decades of yoga and mindfulness experience
to my work.