A Compassionate Thanksgiving

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Want to consider your health, the planet, and the animals as you create your festive Thanksgiving experience? Me, too!

Here are some tips:

Forgo plastic and use your family’s heirloom silver
Bring the outside world in with a nature-filled tablescape (pine cones, boughs, berries, fallen leaves, pumpkins painted silver, moss, greenery, flowers)
Skip meat or make it a small side dish versus the main course
Say goodbye to paper plates and napkins and instead pull out the china and cloth napkins
Illuminate with candles
Visit the farmers’ market and shop local
Make your hostess or guest gifts (bath salts, cookies, candles) or buy from local artisans
Create lots of healthy and plant-filled dishes.

More and more people are curious about vegetarianism and veganism (see today’s piece in USA Today) as a way to heal our planet, stop factory farming, and get more nutrients in their diet. I’ve been veg for 20 years, am obsessed with animals, and, as you know, pigs and pugs have my heart (hello Pigs & Pugs Project).

I love what this lifestyle has done for me and my health. And I also know that the holidays can be a challenging time to eat healthfully. I mean, I’m also obsessed with pumpkin pie!

So I created a Facebook group, TDJ Eat Plants, where I share veg-friendly recipes and inspiration. Don’t worry, it’s not preachy, think gentle nourishment for the belly and soul. If you need some extra healthful support this week, I hope you’ll join us! x