caffeine = closet cleaning

love notes
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i’m a self-proclaimed caffeine wussy. my already energetic spirit goes into overdrive after a small dose of the drug. on saturday after taking and teaching class, i had a meeting at starbucks. without hesitation, i ordered a grande soy chai latte and i felt the effects for over 12 hours!

i stayed at the studio for a few hours after the caffeine exposure and hustled home to conquer the closets. i’d spent a lot of the week writing my chapter on “soulful surroundings” and decided that saturday night was my time to get things in order. my beau jokes that my life sometimes lack excitement (you mean other hip tranquil chicks aren’t home on saturday nights cleaning out closets due to a caffeine binge?).

my beau and pup were begging for space on the bed by the time 2am rolled around. i was still going strong but i carved out space on his side of the bed and soon he was fast asleep. louis, however, waited for me to finish before settling in. even after i crawled into bed at 3am, i was so wired i couldn’t fall asleep so i did some reading.

i woke up on easter and laughed. what had happened to me the night before? there were bags of clothes set aside to donate to friends and charity, neatly organized hanging clothes, shoes in labeled boxes (since louis has taken to chewing on heels), and an overall feeling of being lighter. here’s to saturday nights at home doing a little spring cleaning . . . but next time, i’ll skip the caffeine-indused haze.