dare to be queen

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i spent the day at a training on working with young girls called dare to be queen. i am still processing the day and was saddened to hear so many stories of neglect and abuse. it has shaken me to the core. isn’t it always easier to live in our own little bubble, toss some money to certain causes, and stay ignorant of the drama around us?

since i’m someone who always wants to fix things, i walked home wondering how i could make it all better. how can i break the cycle? a friend recently threw her back out and was put on medication to break the pain cycle before she could be treated for the injury. it’s similar with our psyches, isn’t it? we have to put a bandaid on it, help ease the pain, and then go deeper?

as a little girl raised in the midwest, i definitely had different experiences growing up than the youth that i see in dc today. we discussed two major differences being the internet and constant exposure to violence. i’m excited to wrap my head around the day, the girls, the curriculum, and how best to make a difference with our women of tomorrow.