Earth Day Every Day {10 Tips}

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Happy Earth Day to you and yours!

While we all know the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle, there are numerous ways to honor Mother Earth each and every day.

Here are a my top 10:

1. Support farmers’ markets. Grab your reusable bag and hit your local market for flowers, fruits, and veggies. Or join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

2. Skip disposable and tote reusable water bottles and cups. I also tote a metal fork, metal straw, and cloth napkin everywhere. Say “food only” when ordering takeout to avoid those extra soy sauce packages and plastic utensils.

3. Spread kindness to all beings. Recycle. Pick up litter. Relocate uninvited critters (yep, even those leggy spiders) outdoors. Tread lightly. Practice mindfulness.

4. Support slow fashion. Americans toss an average of 68 pounds of clothing annually. Choose quality and versatility. Watch The True Cost documentary. Try locally-sewn, eco-friendly TDJ (save 20% with code EARTHDAY through 4/23).

5. Use eco-friendly cleaning products (or make your own). Forgo the chemicals and go DIY infused with your favorite essential oil.

6. Go veg. Meat production is one of the largest sources of water pollution, greenhouse gases, and loss of biodiversity. 10 reasons why it’s green to go veg. Consider taking this week’s 7-day VegPledge.

7. Get your hands dirty. Plant a veggie or herb garden. Add pink impatiens or purple pansies to terracotta pots. Insert a pop of color with a bright green pothos or philodendron. Surround yourself with plants (you’ll note some of my jungle in the above photo). Plants for beginners.

8. Spend time in nature. Savor a dose of fresh air and put things in perspective. Einstein said, “Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.” Try forest bathing.

9. Get inspired. Tune into my podcast with Sophie Uliano, Ashlee Piper and Jennifer Maagendans filled with more ideas.

10. Compost. We keep our scraps (fruits, veggies, tea and tea bags, coffee grinds) in a tin compost on the counter and when it fills, we’ll empty it into our larger compost bin outside. Don’t have an outside? Many cities have compost drop-off spots. Fun fact: We only throw out trash once a week since so much ends up in the compost. More on what you can/can’t compost.

How do you like to honor Earth Day every day?

Wishing you a beautiful Earth Day filled with plants and a deep connection to the world around you. Bisous. x

PS Shop TDJ, books, and bags 20% off with code EARTHDAY through 4/23.